Mission: Bachelorette Party

All right, I’ve written about engagement gifts in the past, but now that we’re inching
closer and closer to the big day, there’s one more thing we need to celebrate before they
say their “I do’s”: the bachelorette party!

An important right of passage, bachelorette parties have certainly become a bigger deal
over the years. What once might have been a simple girl’s night in with drinks has grown
into weekend getaways, partying till the break of dawn, and waking up wondering what
the heck happened.
Custom Engraved Photo Flask
The older I get, the more weddings and bachelorette parties I attend. I’m slowly working my way to becoming Katherine Heigl in the movie, 27 Dresses, even though I’m only up to two dresses. While I do more pro-bono work as a professional wedding guest for my friends, than bridesmaid duties, the bachelorette soiree is what I consider the pre- party to the wedding, and an excuse to go out and have a crazy time with the ladies. So what exactly does one need to get the party started? Well, having planned one fake bachelorette party in my life (don’t ask) and now participating in two real ones very soon, I’m going to give you a few suggestions to help both the bridesmaids and the bride prep for this wild weekend.

Nothing says, “I’m here to get my drink on,” quite like a sneaky flask. Surprise each bridesmaid with her very own Custom Engraved Photo Flask. Incriminating photos from the past are highly encouraged.

Wine Rack Sports Bra



I personally think this gift should be exclusively for the bride. Forget the traditional sash and crown, hook up the future Mrs., with this ridiculous Wine Rack Sports Bra. Not only does it provide support, it provides her with a discrete, yet hilarious way of drinking on the down low, whether she fills it wine or another beverage of her choice.



Sobriety Test Game



After the Wine Rack Sports Bra and flasks are empty, head back to their home or hotel and challenge them to this Sobriety Test Game. The results of this comical game should reflect how well their bachelorette party went! Warning: results may vary.




Erase Your Past Oolong Tea


Finally, when they wake up in the morning, after a rough night of…wait, what happened last night!? Oh THAT’S right. Greet them with a nice cup of Erase Your Past Oolong Tea. This organic tea may not be the cure to actually erasing their memory, but it will be a relaxing change of pace from the events that took place the night before.



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