Mother’s Day Gifts for the New Mom

Usually, a new mom’s newly minted status doesn’t sink in right away. Believe it or not, it’s not the marathon feeding sessions through the night, or the endless rocking to sleep, or the 24-hour pajama party that hit home. So what does? Her first Mother’s Day. That Hallmark holiday on which she’d dutifully send flowers to her own mother or bemoan long lines at her favorite brunch spot—it’s all about her now. So whether she’s your wife or your bestie, look to these ideas below to celebrate her hip mom status.

Humor her

You know the saying: you gotta laugh, or else you’ll start to cry. The craziness of the first few months is enough to drive any new mom insane. Give her a chuckle with gifts like the Porn for New Moms book that fulfill all of her fantasies: men coming home early to watch the baby or taking the wee one out grocery shopping so she can nap.  Looking for something a little stronger? This wine glass-shaped “sippy cup” is just what Mommy needs to recuperate, especially when filled with her special juice.

Porn for New Moms BookMommy's Sippy Cup

Pamper her

Just holding the baby for 10 minutes so she can take a shower is good enough for most moms. But it’s Mother’s Day, after all; go the extra mile with gifts that really pamper. Spa gift baskets are always a sure bet, like a soothing lavender-based tranquility basket or a vanilla-scented bath and body set.

Tranquility Bath & Body RelaxationWarm Vanilla Spa Basket

Style her

We’re not talking fancy jewelry or club-worthy dresses here; neither are practical and let’s be honest, practical is the name of the new game. Thankfully, there are a ton of parent products out there designed to be fashionable, not frumpy. Try a diaper bag, especially one that doesn’t scream “baby”; brands like Skip Hop, timi and leslie, and Oi Oi are all the rage. If she doesn’t have a nursing cover already, spring for the aptly named Hooter Hiders for privacy on the go.

OiOi Dot Messenger Diaper BagHooter Hiders Siena Nursing Cover with Ruffle

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