Mustache Mania

Fashion always seems to come full circle; from bellbottom jeans, to midriffs, it seems like we are constantly recycling looks from the past. Not only are clothing trends recycled, but hair and make-up too. The latest and greatest thing to be recycled, you ask? A good old-fashion mustache!

Last popular in the 1970s and 1980s (most likely sported by your dad), the ‘stache has made its way back into the mainstream, becoming a men’s must-have accessory. As ever popular as this facial hair has become, not everyone can grown a prominent, full-blown mustache. Thankfully, this trendy look has caused such a stir, that anyone can have a mustache these days (yes, even you, ladies!) Take a look at some of these quirky ‘stache- tastic gift ideas that are fun for everyone.

Mustache Coasters


With so many ways to style a ‘stache, why choose just one? With these Recycled Cork Mustache Coasters, they can learn about the different ways to display this facial feature, as well as keep their surfaces protected.

Mustache Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit




Nothing like a ‘lil ‘stache talkin’ to get the party started. Make their fridge a little more fun, with this Mustache Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit.

Mustache Jumbo Magnet




If you’re going to rock a ‘stache, go big or go home. Whether they want to make a big statement on their fridge or on their car, this Mustache Jumbo Magnet is sure to send a strong message!


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