My New Year’s Wishlist: Being Healthy

It’s January, which means everyone and their mom is in the gym or scooping up the latest 90 Day Extreme Shred Crazy Workout. And I’m joining their ranks. As a mom of three, I often joke that the kids are my workout, but let’s be real: scarfing down chicken nuggets chased with yogurt in a tube does not a healthy lifestyle make.  So as part of my New Year series (read my last post here), here’s my wishlist of gear and gifts to help me live a more fit and fabulous life.


Workout Gear

A girl’s gotta have the right workout clothes. Sure, plenty of stores offer yoga pants on the cheap, but these North Face ones are just the motivation I need to get my downward dog on. Likewise, this natural rubber yoga mat will drag me out of bed to start my day on the right foot, and I’ll feel good knowing it’s biodegradable and contributing to eco-friendly causes. I need all the help I can get, so an exercise wrap will target those lingering Christmas cookie calories nicely.

Tadasana Pant

 Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

On warmer days, I’ll be more inclined to hit the pavement with a heart rate ring on my finger.  It’s easy to use and read, tracks current heart rate, average heart rate, and calories burned. Good music is a must for keeping me motivated, so this iPod Nano wrist case is the answer to my playlist prayers. If the weather keeps me housebound clever and portable devices like a Gym in a Shoe  or Upper Body Exerciser will still keep me on track.

Blue iPod Nano 6 Ticker Silicone Wrist Band Case

 Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser

Everyday Living

The other 23 hours not devoted to sweating it out still have to be lived intentionally. A stainless steel water bottle will help me ditch plastic ones for good, and a bento-style lunch set will help with portion control. Speaking of food, maybe this will be the year I grow a green thumb with the help of nutrient-packed microgreens, or kick the coffee habit for good in favor of heart-healthy, antioxidant-rich teas.

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar


Grow Your Own Spice Micro-GreensMind, Body, and Spirit
A massager: healthy. A spa-like heat wrap: healthy. Relaxing essential oils: healthy.  Aromatherapy bath salts: all healthy. This whole new year resolution thing is rough.

Extendable Percussion Massager with HeatHeat or Freeze Body Wrap

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