“My New Year’s wishlist: For Getting Organized”

In our family, it feels like Christmas is all about the kids and New Year’s is all about the grown-ups. My husband and I have this unspoken agreement not to put any gifts under the tree for one another. But once January hits, the Spirit of New Year’s Resolutions comes nigh upon us and we realize how much we need to live healthier, more organized, more simple lives. No matter how many times we’ve failed to keep resolutions in the past, the promise of a clean slate is too good to pass up. So in the spirit of the new year, I’m putting together a series of wishlists to keep me on track and perhaps to inspire gift ideas for you. The best part? We grown-ups like to procrastinate, so the whole month of January counts.

Getting Organized

I’m still picking up bits of stray Christmas wrapping paper from behind the couch or under the rug. With three kids in the picture, haphazard organization isn’t an option anymore. Here are some products that are sure to keep me sane.

This reversible canvas organizer is like Cleanliness for Dummies, a catchall for anything and everything. I can see it parking balls or stuffed animals in the kids’ room, hats and mittens in the foyer, or laundry in the baby’s room. For a more sophisticated, timeless look, this set of rattan nesting trunks would work overtime holding towels, blankets, or whatever it is you need to hide in the living room before guests come.

Reversible Canvas Storage Bin

 Nesting Rattan Trunks


Closets are the bane of my existence. These shelf dividers would make organizing easier, while an over-the-door shoe organizer keeps out-of-season footwear stowed away, hats and mittens within arm’s reach, or even small toys out of sight.

Shelf Dividers

 Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Experts always say to use wall space to free up precious real estate in your home. I think I’ll actually listen to them this year. This modular wall organizer is right up my alley, perfect for holding office supplies, keys, or just those little things in your pockets that you don’t know where to put. And with this wall hook nook, I won’t be picking up coats off the floor anymore or searching frantically for my keys.

Modular Wall Organizer

 Nook Five Hook Wall Organizer

My biggest goal this year: to put together a command center for memos, paperwork, and schedules. A magnetic dry erase board in the kitchen helps jot down grocery lists or reminders and keeps those school forms to sign in plain view. The English major in me swoons at anything Scrabble, so this Scrabble memo board would help keep things fun.

Custom Photo Magnetic Dry Erase Board in 11x14.5Scrabble Message Board


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