National Boss Day Gift Guide


It’s time to celebrate the man/woman who signs your paycheck, approves your salon visit as a “business expense” or whose coffee order you have engrained in your brain. Whoever your boss may be, it’s time to honor them: Happy National Boss Day! Which Boss do you have?


Gift Ideas for the Caring Boss

So you lucked out and got the good-guy boss? Congratulations! Make sure to show your amazing boss
how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift. Notice they’re running low on their favorite brand of
coffee? Buy a few bags. Pictures of their beloved Fido cluttering their desk? Think about getting them a dog-
themed photo frame or special new toy for their furry friend.

Coffee Gift Baskets Simple Freshwater Pearl Baptism Bracelet Dog Toy
Coffee Gift Basket Dog Photo Frame Dog Treat Dog Puzzle

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Gift Ideas for the Original Boss

Maybe your boss is a little zanier than the rest. Does he take casual Friday a little too far or spend hours
chuckling in his office for no apparent reason? This type of boss is generally harmless, but can be hard
to buy for. Try getting him an accessory for something you know he loves; a guitar pick if he’s a music
enthusiast. Maybe appeal to his funny bone and select something humorous? Or go with a safe bet and get
him a gift card to his favorite store.

Gifts for Musician Humorous Bosses Day Gifts Gift Cards
Ceramic Guitar Pick Butt Station Desk Organizer Gift Card

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Gift Ideas for the Best Smelling Boss

Your boss takes a lot of pride in looking (and smelling) professional and put-together at all times?
Cater to her sense of style with another hygiene beauty product. Great options include aftershave, fancy
lotion and bath salts. Lots of beauty stores have small gift baskets filled with products so the selection and
packaging is taken care of for you.

Bath Soaps Skin Care Products Bath and Body Gift Baskets
Bath Soap Assortment Perfect Shave Kit Rosemary and Mint Gift Basket

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Gift Ideas for the Bossy Pants Boss
It might seem like your boss is running around with her head chopped off or constantly falling into hilarious
misadventures. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: your boss is stressed! Help her out by gifting a
soothing tea set or stress ball with an inspirational quote on it. The next time the copier eats her important
documents, she’ll remember to take a breath and carry on, all thanks to you!

Tea Gift Baskets Inspirational Office Accessories Spa Treatmen Gift Baskets
Magic Tea Chest Assortment Motivational Rubik’s Cube Relaxation Gift Basket

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Gift Ideas for the Devious Boss
Is your boss too busy sucking up and backstabbing his way to the top to pay attention to someone as
commonplace as his employee? While he might not deserve a gift, he’ll appreciate one nonetheless. Remind
him that the little guys are important too with a book about workplace dynamics or photo of the department
for his wall. If he won’t take offense, try gifting something that speaks to his devious side such as tickets to
see “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” Hopefully he’ll get a laugh out of it.

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Gift Ideas for the A-hole Boss from the TV Series
All right, maybe your boss isn’t the nicest of people. In fact, they might be downright evil. Despite his
less than stellar personality, now is not the time to be spiteful. You don’t want to be remembered as the
rude employee when it comes time for your boss to nominate someone for a promotion. Instead, go with
something generic any boss would love. Try a new coffee mug or set of ink pens. Or maybe your gift will
influence your boss in a positive light. Remind them that you’re a real person with a thoughtful gift that
reflects your passions such as a cookbook or time at the driving range. Who knows, you two might become
best friends while you trade recipes at the water cooler!

Personalized Travel Mugs Cookbooks Golf Category
Porcelain Coffee Mug Firehouse Food Cookbook Golf Lessons with PGA Pro

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