New Baby Gift Guide


Celebrating a the entrance of a new life into the world is a huge occasion for the new parents. Show the family you care by giving a thoughtful gift that honors the new addition in their lives.


Gift Ideas for Baby Boy

The first few weeks of a child’s life can be extremely overwhelming for parents. They often forget how precious the time is, and how quickly their little bundle of joy will grow up. Help them remember the important stuff with the Baby Feats Scrapbook Journal in Blue. This handy book will help parents record all of their baby’s big milestones over his first five years.

While every baby is unique, they sure go through a lot of diapers! Make this necessary item fun by gifting the 3 Tier Boy’s Diaper Cake. It has a ton of baby essentials in blue, as well as three layers of diapers. Parents will definitely be grateful for your contribution to their endless diaper needs.

A sleeping baby makes for happy parents. Help your friends peacefully embrace parenthood with the Constellation Projecting Turtle Night Light. It creates a great environment for falling asleep as well as accurately displays the stars and constellations for future-astronomy buffs.

Baby Feats Scrapbook Journal in Blue 3 Tier Boy's Diaper Cake Constellation Projecting Turtle Night Light
Scrapbook Journal 3 Tier Diaper Cake Constellation Projecting Turtle Night Light

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Gift Ideas for Baby Girl

As any new parent can tell you, blankets are in constant demand for the first few months. Start their collection off right with the beautiful Pink Heart Knit Blanket. The 100% cotton knit blanket will keep their little angel warm and can even be embroidered with her name.

Even beautiful baby girls go through their share of dirty diapers! But that doesn’t mean they can’t do so with a little style. The Two-Tier Hot Pink Daisies with Leopard Diaper Cake is a great way to gift something practical in a fun, stylish fashion. Parents will appreciate the always-needed diapers and your ability to creatively add a little flare!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls and gems are a close second! Make a memorable contribution to her jewellery collection with a Personalized Birthstone Pearl Gemstone Bracelet. This beautiful bracelet can spell out her name and will serve as a keepsake for years to come.

Pink Heart Knit Blanket Two-Tier Hot Pink Daisies with Leopard Diaper Cake Personalized Birthstone Pearl Gemstone Bracelet
Pink Heart Blanket Daisy Diaper Cake Birthstone & Pearl Bracelet

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Gift Ideas for Any Baby

If the new parents aren’t finding out the gender of their baby ahead of time, it’s best to stick with gender-neutral colours such as yellow and green. Besides that, most newborn baby items are useful for both baby boys and baby girls. The On-the-Go Baby Gift Set is a great example of practical items in bright non-gendered hues.

An excellent idea for babies of any gender is a personalized gift. It shows you put a lot of time and care into your present in order to make it truly unique. The “Who Loves Me?” Personalized Child’s Book is a perfect way to display just how much love and support you have for the new little one.

With all the chaos and excitement surrounding the new baby, it’s often dad who gets forgotten. Show Mr. Mom you recognize his important role in his baby’s life with the Daddy’s on Duty Diaper Tool Belt. Dads will appreciate your comical gift that features diaper-changing essentials in a manly tool belt he would be proud to wear.

On-the-Go Baby Gift Set "Who Loves Me?" Personalized Child's Book Daddy's on Duty Diaper Tool Belt
On-the-Go Gift Set “Who Loves Me” Book Daddy’s On Diaper Duty Tool Belt

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