New Year’s Gift Guide


It’s time to ring in the new year and celebrate with your friends and family! You survived a busy holiday season and can now look ahead to the opportunities of a new year. Make sure you start the year off right with the perfect New Year’s gift.



Gift Ideas to Bring to the Party

If you’re attending a New Year’s party, it’s important to bring a little something for the host. It’s not easy to host a party: cooking, cleaning, smiling when red wine spills on your white rug and expecting not to have a clear house until well past midnight. Show your host your appreciation with a thoughtful gift, such as a gift certificate to the spa, so they can treat themselves after the party. You can also gift something for the home, such as a coffee/tea set, that the entire family can enjoy. If your host won’t accept gifts, see if you can get something for the party. Bring a fruit tray, bottle of wine or cheese platter for guests to munch on; your host will be grateful for your help. Or gift something less conventional such as Happy New Year balloons, party games or noise makers. If you’re still scratching your head over what to bring, feel free to call your host and just ask. More often than not they will let you know if they’re missing something you can help out with.

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Gift Ideas to Help Meet Goals

Whether it’s getting rid of old vices or picking up something new, everyone who makes a New Year’s resolution could use the support of their friends and family. If your loved one is resolving to step up their fitness this year or achieve a weight loss goal, gift them with a gym membership, healthy foods cookbook or free weights to use at home. Be sure to include an inspiring card that they can read whenever the gym seems too far and the tub of ice cream too close. If the recipient’s goal is to save more money, pick them up a helpful how-to book about budgeting or arrange a meeting with them and a financial advisor. Sometimes people announce lofty resolutions and need a push to actually get them off the ground. Some resolutions are centered on picking up something new instead of dropping something old. If the recipient is looking to start a new hobby like learning the guitar, encourage their interests by splurging on guitar lessons or gifting a personalized guitar pick. Regardless of the resolution, it’s important that the recipient knows you believe in them and support their goals.

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The Biggest Loser Cookbook Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell Personalized Rock Star Guitar Pick

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Gift Ideas for that Special Someone

Nothing beats a kiss with your special someone when the clock strikes twelve. New Year’s is a great time to let your love know how important they are to you and how excited you are to enter this next year with them. These gifts can be small mementos, such as a box of chocolates and heartfelt card. You can also use this opportunity to spoil your significant other with jewelry and champagne or something they didn’t get over the holidays. Big or small, your loved one will appreciate the effort you put into remembering your relationship and making it a priority from the start of the year.

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