Off to College Gift Guide


Getting into college is a huge milestone in any young adult’s life. Celebrate their success with a gift that will help them adjust to living somewhere new and assist them in taking on all the challenges that college life will present to them.


College Gift Ideas for Your Son

The first thing your son will realize is that it’s not as easy to come by a delicious home cooked meal like
mom’s while living far from home. The $5 A Meal College Cookbook is the perfect remedy for when he gets
sick of the college cafeteria. It’s full of simple recipes that will be easy on his wallet and that will make mom

For the more tech-friendly student, the Sound Matters Speaker System is the perfect gift. These portable
speakers will make him the life of any party without bothering the neighbors. He’ll also be able to enjoy the
system with any iPods, iPhones, MP3 players or laptops.

However, if you’re looking for an absolute college necessity, the Blue Bean Bag Chair will serve him well for
the next four years. At 11.5 cubic feet, it will offer him endless support while hitting the books in his room.

The $5 A Meal College Cookbook Soundmatters Speaker System Blue Bean Bag Chair
$5 A Meal Cookbook Soundmatters Speakers Bean Bag Chair

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College Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

For your daughter, the Deluxe College Essentials Kit will soothe your sending-her-off-to-college worries. All
college life essentials, including a first aid kit, necessities for a head cold, and a $5 Domino’s Gift Card, are
packed neatly into a mesh laundry bag that will get tons of use.

She’ll also need a little something to help her study. The Sage Green Peeramid Book Rest can prop her
books right on her lap so she can study anywhere around the dorm easily. It even has bookmark attached
so that she’ll never lose the page.

If she’s sharing a shower you might want to consider a Personalized Waffle Weave Bath Robe and
a Personalized Daisies Shower Caddy. The robe will make her mornings cozy, and the shower caddy has
holes for drainage so that it can be used right in the shower – the ultimate college convenience.

Deluxe College Essentials Kit Sage Green Peeramid Book Rest Personalized Waffle Weave Bath Robe
College Essentials Kit Peeramid Book Rest Waffle Weave Bath Robe

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College Gift Ideas for a Family Friend

For a friend of the family, an e-Pad® Portable Laptop Desk is the perfect surface for doing schoolwork, and
it will keep their lap cool while writing lengthy papers or surfing the web on their laptop.

A Personalized Chenille Throw is also a sweet gift for their dorm room. They’ll find comfort in this homelike
blanket while adjusting to an unfamiliar bed, and it has their initials on it so no one else will mistake it for
their own.

Lastly, any student will appreciate a $50 Amazon Gift Card. There’s nothing more important than
contributing to their education, and helping them pay for their books will make any possible financial issues
easier to handle. It’s also great for music, décor, electronics, or anything that they forgot to bring from

e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk Personalized Chenille Throw $50 Gift Card
ePad Laptop Desk Chenille Throw Amazon Gift Card

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