Personal Shopper: Gifts for Earth Day?

Blake S. wrote, Hey FindGift, What exactly is Earth Day? A friend of mine mentioned it in passing and I was wondering if I should get her a gift.

Hi Blake, Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally on April 22 to raise awareness of our environment and learn ways to protect it. Countless events are held worldwide in celebration of this beautiful planet we call home.

Since your friend mentioned Earth Day, it must hold some special meaning in her life, and I’m sure she would consider a gift from you to be an extremely thoughtful gesture. Because the goal of the holiday is to promote sustainability and discourage over-taxing Earth’s resources, gifts can be given but should respect the theme of Earth Day.


A time honored tradition on Earth Day is to plant a tree or some sort of new life. Shop FindGift for a large selection of flowers and plants or, even better, seed kits that allow her to grow an apple tree or wildflowers from scratch.

Or consider other unique and eco-friendly gift ideas including products made from recycled materials or bamboo wood,  or items designed to promote alternative energy like solar power.

If your friend is always on the go, surprise her with a reusable water bottle that allows her to ditch the plastic bottles and make Mother Earth happy.

A gift from you on Earth Day is certain to make all her eco-friendly pals green with envy.


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