Personal Shopper: Gifts For The Movie Buff

Renee wrote, Dear, My boyfriend is a huge movie buff. He watches them constantly and can quote lines from his favorite characters. For his birthday, I’d like to get him something that falls in line with his interest in films. Please share some suggestions.

Hi Renee, Happy birthday to your boyfriend! You definitely appear to have a film enthusiast in your life. Surprising him with a gift celebrating his love of movies is a great idea.

The obvious choice for an appropriate birthday gift is a movie madness gift basket filled with all sorts of treats such as theater-sized candies, microwaveable popcorn and soda pop. Or go gourmet and present him with a tin filled with fresh popcorn in his favorite flavors. He’ll be able to enjoy the goodies during his next movie night.

Does he love Star Wars? How would he feel about a lightsaber room light or Yoda bathrobe? If Godfather is more his speed, consider a limited edition framed film cell that’s sure to be the highlight of his home’s décor.

Imagine his surprise if he were to unwrap an adult-sized costume representing his favorite character? Forget Halloween, he can get dressed up to go through the drive-thru.

And no film-loving guy’s home is complete without his very own Walk of Fame. Honor your boyfriend with a well-deserved Hollywood Star that’s personalized with his name.


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