Personal Shopper: Graduation Gift For My Niece

Claudia wrote, My niece is graduating from high school.  I’d love to get her a special gift. Please let me know some ideas.

Hi Claudia, Congratulations to your niece. This is a very exciting time in her life. As her high school career comes to an end and new adventures are waiting, a unique gift is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

Consider gift ideas that speak to your niece’s heart. A wall hanging or plaque that offers a message inspiring hope for a bright future or success in all her endeavors will be a perfect addition to her décor and will continue to be meaningful through the years.


If she will be headed off to college, the graduate in your life is sure to appreciate a kit with all the essentials needed during the transition.  Of course, if your niece will be staying in the dorms, she will enjoy a gift that makes her stay more comfortable.

Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift idea and there are many options available for your favorite graduate from bracelets to necklaces to rings. And to create an extra-special gift, choose an item that can be personalized with your nieces name and a special message. If you are unsure what type of jewelry she would prefer, a lovely keepsake box may be the way to go.

Whatever you choose, your niece is certain to know how proud you are of her hard work and dedication through the years.

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