Personal Shopper: Housewarming Gift For A Friend

Ashley P. wrote, Dear, A friend of mine just bought a new home and I’m hoping to find a unique housewarming gift for the family. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Hi Ashley, Buying a new home is always an exciting event for a family, so it’s wonderful that you want to recognize the occasion with a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Housewarming gifts are often meant to add a decorative touch to the home or provide the family with a much-needed appliance or household item.



If you prefer to go the decorative route, consider items such as wall hangings and door décor. Plaques offering blessings to all those in the home, such as the “May This House Embossed Art Print,” offer sentimental value and will be cherished through the years. Another decorative, yet practical item is the “His and Hers Keyholder Set” which offers a whimsical touch to any room while providing a place to store their keys.

For gifts that are useful in the kitchen, consider appliances that provide the family with a specific use. From rice cookers and electric griddles to sports team toasters and coffee makers, you’ll be able to choose the perfect gift that matches the family’s needs.

If the family loves the outdoors, you may want to surprise them with a creative gift for their garden or yard. Unique gift ideas include wind chimes, stepping stones, bird feeders and hammocks.

Create a gift that is extra special by selecting an item that can be personalized with the family name in addition to a heartwarming sentiment. The personalized gift will be a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be treasured by the family.

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