Personal Shopper: National Bike Month

Bridgette wrote, Hi, With May being National Bike Month, I want to get my boyfriend a special gift. He’s an avid cyclist and I would like to get a gift that allows him to show off his passion.  Ideas?

Hi Bridgette, Whether he does it for his health, the environment or just because he enjoys it, it’s fantastic that your boyfriend has a passion for cycling. National Bike Month celebrates those who ride and encourages others to do the same.

FindGift offers a wide selection of unique gift ideas for the cycling enthusiast in your life. Your boyfriend would be happy to display his love of the sport while at work with an item for his desktop. Consider office accessories such as a business card holder or kinetic motion toy – both of which are decorated with a cycling figurine. Or help wash away the daily doldrums of cubicle life with a bicycle balance mobile.



If something for the home is more appropriate, your boyfriend is sure to love a personalized caricature he can hang on the wall or a set of glassware decorated with his favorite means of transportation.

You can also surprise your boyfriend with a gift that matches his unique style. A bicycle chain bracelet offers a sleek, modern style while celebrating his rugged side.

According to the League of American Bicyclists, here are some important events during National Bike Month:

May 9: Bike to School Day

May 14 – 18: Bike to Work Week

May 18: Bike to Work Day

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