Personal Shopper: Anniversary Gift

Anonymous wrote,, My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary, and I’d like to surprise her with a special gift this year. Please send me your recommendations. Thanks.

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Your wife is sure to appreciate a thoughtful gift chosen especially for her.

The passing of another year in a marriage signifies a lasting commitment between a couple and should be honored with a heartwarming gift. Unlike other holidays and occasions when a variety of different types of gifts are appropriate, it’s best that an anniversary gift comes directly from the heart.


Let your wife know how much she means to you with a unique gift that celebrates your love. One of the best ways to express your feelings is with an anniversary gift that can be personalized. Choose from a wide variety of products with customization options such as picture frames , wall hangings, plaques, and jewelry. The personalization allows you to share a special sentiment with your wife that conveys your deep love for her and thanks her for the years you’ve spent together.

Depending on what anniversary is being celebrated, you can choose a gift in a material that matches the anniversary year. For instance, the 5th anniversary is celebrated with a traditional gift of wood, the 20th anniversary is celebrated with china and the 50th with gold. For a complete list, check out the FindGift’s Table of Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts where you can match your anniversary year to the appropriate gift, then simply click on the listing to view the incredible selection of gift ideas available in that category.

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