Prepare for a Fantastic Patty’s Day Celebration

It’s not hard to get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. On a day when everyone is wearing green, a day when bars are crowded and noisy with toasts, and a day when everyone can be Irish, having a good time is easy. Get ready for an unforgettable celebration with these fun gifts.

St. Patrick’s Day Feeling Lucky Hat: St. Patrick’s Day is definitely the luckiest day of the year, so put on this hat and feel the good energy. It’s a fun look that will get you noticed at any party.

Official Irish Drinking Glove: For some, St. Patrick’s Day is all about opening a bottle and making toasts. When friends get together to do some drinking, put on this glove. You’ll be ready when the competition heats up.


Instant Leprechaun Costume: On Christmas he dresses up as Santa Claus, so let him dress up as a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. He’ll look hilarious wearing this hat and beard – just make sure no one jumps him for a pot of gold he doesn’t actually have!


Drink Til Yer Green Mug: There’s no better day to go a bit overboard than St. Patrick’s Day. Bring this mug to the party, and you’ll always get a free refill. It’s a great joke, in the spirit of the holiday.


Personalized Irish “Family Seat”: If you’re having a St. Patrick’s Day party in your own home, surprise the guests with this hilarious “family seat.” Everyone will wonder why people who come out of the bathroom are all laughing!

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