Preschool Graduation Gift Guide


There’s nothing more adorable than watching a group of preschoolers participate in their first- ever graduation! And as delighted as the parents might be, the little ones are even more excited. Here are some special gift ideas to reward the pre-K grad in your life, and celebrate their first educational milestone.


Gift Ideas for Your Son or Daughter

Preschool has given your child a solid foundation for the school years ahead. There’s no better
way to honor that fact than with a gift that fosters a love of learning. This Beginning Reading
Kit, for example, is filled with activity cards, materials and more to make reading a fun-filled
activity. And what newly graduated preschooler wouldn’t love playing with the Super Why!
Touch and Learn Super Duper Learning Computer? Every time they touch the screen, they’ll
learn something new!

For educational enjoyment all year long, consider a subscription to Highlights High Five
Magazine. Designed for ages 3-5, it’s perfect for pre-K and K students, who will look forward to
their very own magazine arriving every month!

Beginning Reading Kit Super Why! Touch and Learn Super Duper Learning Computer Highlights Subscription
Beginning Reading Kit Touch and Learn Computer Highlights Subscription

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Gift Ideas for Your Co-Worker’s Child

If you work with the mom or dad of a graduating preschooler, they and the young grad will both
appreciate a little something to commemorate the occasion. This School Days Picture Album is
perfect for a graduation or preschool class picture, and a happy reminder of “where it all began.”
Crafty kids will have fun designing their own frame, thanks to the Graduation Star Magnetic
Photo Frames Craft Kit. It comes with several self-adhesive foam stickers that are a breeze for
little fingers to apply, and twelve photo frames, so they can decorate to their hearts’ content.

And whether the graduate is a boy or a girl, they’ll be thrilled to display their accomplishment
with a Kid’s Proud Graduate Personalized T-Shirt. You can have their name printed right on it,
and choose their favorite color, too!

School Days Picture Album Graduation Star Magnetic Photo Frames Craft Kit Proud Graduate Personalized T-Shirt
School Days Picture Album Star Magnetic Frame Craft Kit Proud Graduate T-Shirt
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Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Friend

The preschool years are a delightful time of play and discovery. Treat your friend’s child to
something that emphasizes all that fun! A pre-K son will be hopping for these smart and silly
Day of the Week Froggy Erasers—great for learning and laughter! Or, if you’re shopping for a
musically-inclined girl, she’ll love this Musical Fairy Wand: it rings with a pleasing tone when
tapped on any surface.

Young scholars will be starting kindergarten soon, making a set of Engraved Blue School Pencils
ideal. Personalized with their own name, kids will be excited to try them out on their first written

Day of the Week Froggy Erasers Musical Fairy Wand Engraved Blue School Pencils
Froggy Erasers Musical Fairy Wand Blue School Pencils

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