Retirement Gift Guide


An important person in your life is taking the next step in their lives. They’re leaving the workplace and checking into the retired life. Whether that means packing up and moving to Florida or picking up volunteer work in town, help them celebrate this big moment with a meaningful gift.


Gift Ideas for a Co-Worker


The office gathers to celebrate the hard work and years of service of one of your fellow colleagues. As you
hand out pieces of the slab of cake and nod along to your boss’ heartfelt speech, it’s important to remember
that this moment is bigger than free cake to the retiree. A great option for co-workers is to go in on a gift
with the whole office. If you know he’s been eying that new watch or needing a new leather coat, surprise
him with a luxury gift that’s from all of you. Another gift that the retiree is sure to appreciate is one that
commemorates his time at the office. Frame their first and last sales sheet or engrave a plaque with their
name and years of service. Make sure to send a card around the office that everyone signs and include a
picture of the office so he can remember where he spent his best days on the job.

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Gift Ideas for a Friend

A friend of yours has taken the plunge into retired life. Whether she is the first one to leave the rat race for
her good or the last, let her know that this next stage of her life is important. A great gift from friends is one
that acknowledges her hobbies. Has she always wished she had more time to golf? Gift her with a new golf
bag or gift certificate to the driving range. If she’s into gardening, create a gift basket with seeds, gloves
and gardening tools. Another great gift between friends is a gag gift. Keep your close friends laughing by
wrapping up a magnifying glass or extra large pill box. If you’re invited to the retirement party of a not-so-
close friend, a gift basket or book is always a good idea. If you know they’re passionate about tea or would
be interested in a book of poetry, feel free to gift that.

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Gift Ideas for a Family Member

A retirement in the family means a big change for everyone. If both spouses are now at home, the living
dynamic changes a lot within the house. The retiree might be feeling anxious about their new role and
unsure of what to do with themselves. Calm their nerves by setting them up with some new activities. Sign
them up for a class they’ve expressed interest in or buy supplies to start a new hobby. Another great gift
for a retiree is a trip! After all their years of working, they deserve a vacation! If your spouse was very
connected to their workplace, you should consider making a big gesture with your gift. Create an award/
scholarship in the retiree’s name or arrange a monthly outing with his work colleagues so they can all stay in

Happy Retirement!

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