Secret Santa Gift Guide

secret santa

It’s that time of year again! Your boss comes around with a festive hat and you draw the name of this season’s lucky gift recipient. To save yourself being met with a look of disappointment keep their preferences in mind while you shop. With a little effort and creativity, you’ll have people scheming to get you to be their Secret Santa next year.


Gift Ideas for the Geek

Maybe he’s got the latest tech toy on his desk or she can’t stop talking about all the inaccuracies on The
Big Bang Theory last night. Either way, this person’s interests are academic, to say the least! For $10 a
superhero shot glass to honor their inner Avenger or a special edition Rubik’s cube are fun gifts that still
show you get them. At $20, you can afford to get something a little more practical but still fun such as a
personalized USB key or the latest book by their favorite author. If your limit is $50, consider getting them
something they’ve been hinting at. Do they need new headphones or a laptop case? Perfect!

Brain Teaser Puzzles USB Drives Headphones
Snake Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle Star Wars USB Drives Folding Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Gift Ideas for the Clown or Goofball

Do his jokes at the water cooler or her snide comments about your boss always have you laughing for days?
Pay it forward with a humorous gift of your own like a classic joke book or prank toy for less than $10.
For $20 why not get something that cements his/her jokester status at the office like a hilarious mouse pad
or coffee mug they can show off? At $50 you can go big with tickets to a comedy club or a box set of their
favorite comedian’s best work.

Office Toys Humorous Coffee Mugs DVD's
Captain Smiley Mug Shot Coffee Mug SNL Best of Eddie Murphy DVD

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Gift Ideas for the Beer Drinker

This is the girl who is always closing down your local pub or the guy who can’t wait to leave his desk for
happy hour. At $10, it’s best to go with what your recipient obviously loves: beer! Since your budget
isn’t extensive, pick up a smaller pack of their favorite brew or a funny bottle opener. For $20 consider
something a little more personal like an engraved beer mug or a beer-related board game gag gift. When
you get up to a $50 limit, go big with a beer of the month membership or a home brewing kit.

Beer Category Personalized Beer Mugs Beer of the Month Clubs
Beer Bottle Opener Ring Personalized Beer Mug Imported & US Beer of the Month Club

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Gift Ideas for the Sweetest Person Ever
She leaves notes on your desk and offers to buy you coffee. He remembers your birthday and brings in
homemade cookies for the office. Even at $10, it’s important the sweetest person you know gets something
special. A beautiful frame for her cherished family photo or a new plant to brighten his desk might do the
trick. At $20 consider doing something sweet yourself, such as treating your recipient to lunch or gifting
a copy of their favorite movie. For $50, think about spoiling them with a spa gift certificate or fun outing
to the driving range. You could also take the opportunity to add something to their gift that wouldn’t cost
any money. Odds are your coworkers recognize him/her as a sweetheart too, so a card signed by the whole
office would mean a lot to this person and bring your Secret Santa gift to the next level.Happy Holidays!

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Pet Picture Frame Subway Gift Card Spa Gift Basket

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