Survival of the Fittest

Heart Rate Monitor WatchHeart Rate Monitor Watch

The gym isn’t for everyone. If you or your friends are anything like me and can’t find the motivation to invest in a gym membership and be surrounded by tons of people who have significantly better bodies than I do, then an at-home workout might be more their style. I know for me personally, a gym membership would be a waste of money; I have no partner to push me, let alone the desire to feel like a wimp, lifting 15 pound weights in front of guys lifting 50 pounds or higher. No, the gym scene is not for me.

I recently took a stab at an outdoor boot camp with a deal I found online, but the regular price for the class is a staggering $289 for a four-week session; a price I’m not willing to pay after my $49 deal expires. So what’s a girl or guy to do, when a gym is virtually useless and specialized classes are too expensive? Well, there are actually a lot of things!

Okay, so they don’t have the money for a gym, or boot camp, or their own treadmill, but they CAN run outside for free. To help them keep track of their progress, give them this White Heart Rate Monitor Watch. This unique watch will monitor their speed, distance, calories, and more.


Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD


Biggest Loser Book Camp

Maybe running isn’t their thing though. Try giving them something that ups the intensity, but they can do from the comfort of their own living room, like this Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD. Featuring workouts like those seen on the hit television show, their buns will be burning in no time!





Biggest Loser Jump Rope for Wii


Biggest Loser Jump Rope for Wii

Great for Nintendo Wii users, this Biggest Loser Jump Rope for Wii will whip them in shape. Using the Wii controls at the end of the jump rope, this is another activity they can do without ever having to leave home.



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