Take Cover, Hurricane Menopause is Approaching

They say menopause is hell; hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, you name it. While I’m personally too young to go through menopause, I’ve witnessed first hand, the life-changing hurricane of events this has on a woman’s body.

Luckily for me, I witnessed it periodically and from a distance, as my mother and I live a good 300-plus miles apart. That doesn’t mean that each visit with her wasn’t like walking through a landmine, trying to gauge her mood or hoping one of those awful hot flashes didn’t strike. Though the symptoms of menopause sound unbearable, my mom will tell anyone that menopause wasn’t too bad; it was everyone around her that made it seem like a nightmare.

Being aware of her menopause, but not being able to feel exactly what she was going through, made it a challenge to understand why she would suddenly be angry in a restaurant due to a hot flash I couldn’t detect she was having. This is why I believe that women are not victims of their own bodies when they begin going through the change, it’s everyone around them that become innocent casualties. In my case, it was poor old Dad and myself.

Like anticipating any natural disaster, you want to be prepared for everything and anything. Here are a couple of gift ideas to help friends and loved ones survive the storm that is menopause.

Chocoholic's Survival Kit


Chocoholic’s Survival Kit

This is a gift that will save both of you (if she feels like sharing, that is). Chocolate can cheer up the best of them, so be sure to keep this Chocoholic’s Survival Kit on hand whenever a glimpse of Debbie Downer presents herself.

Penguin Fan



Penguin Fan

Give hot flashes a run for their money, with this petite Penguin Fan. This portable fan is great for keeping in her purse and taken out when those unexpected hot flashes attack.


i-Helicopter 3CH RC iPhone / iPod Controlled

Remote Control Helicoptor

Sometimes the only way to keep the peace is to walk away and give her some space. Give them a reason to go outside and let her be, with this iPod/iPad controlled i-Helicopter 3CH.

Folding Noise Cancelling Headphones




Noise Cancelling Headphones and a Practice Putting Green

Practice makes perfect, with this Pro Circuit Putt Return System. This distracting game-improver will keep them focused and out of trouble! When in doubt, block it out. With these Folding Noise Canceling Headphones, they can drown out reality and maintain a peaceful existence in the midst of menopause chaos.

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