Teacher’s Day Gift Guide

Teacher's Day

Perhaps one of the most deserving gift recipients is a teacher. They are educators, mediators, entertainers, disciplinarians and baby-sitters. They spend hours every day with a room full of children. Let them know how important they are to you and your child with a thoughtful gift this Teacher’s Day.


Honor a Favorite Teacher

Giving a gift to your child’s favorite teacher is a welcomed way to say thank you for all they’ve done. With a favorite teacher, this gift can be a lot more personal. Feel free to include a card from your son or daughter that specifically talks to this teacher’s contributions and effects on them. With a favorite teacher, it’s likely your child will know more about them and may have picked up on some of their interests/hobbies. For example, if their teacher always talks about his pet dog you can include a little bone for Fido with his gift. Or if he’s a sports fan, maybe splurge for tickets for the next game. Presents for favorite teachers allow you to break out from generic gifts and choose something personal.

Teacher Watch with Miniatures I Love My Dog Wooden Pen with Golden Accents Golf Desk Set
Teacher Watch with Miniatures I Love My Dog Engraved Pen Golf Desk Set

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A Gift from the Group

Nothing touches a teacher more than to see her whole class collaborate and work together, especially if they’re working together on her Teacher’s Day gift! Group gifts are a great way to organize the whole class for one common goal. Bonus: you can pool together resources for an even bigger gift. Group gifts are also a great option if you don’t know a teacher as well as your classmates. They might have some great ideas for his gift. Go in on something big that your teacher has had their eye on like a new watch or new globe for the classroom. If you’re still at a loss for gift ideas feel free to ask other teachers for some tips.

Personalized Teacher's Class Portrait 16 x 20 Framed Print http://img1.findgift.com/Graphics/Gifts/250/402/PR_113402.jpg Personalized Signature Teacher's Platter
Framed Teacher’s Class Portrait Illuminated Earth Globe Best Teacher Platter

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Beyond School Teachers

Don’t forget: Teacher’s Day exists outside of the classroom too! If your child is enrolled in any extra-curricular activities, they likely have non-school teachers that deserve their gratitude as well. These gifts don’t need to be as big since these teachers don’t spend as much time with your children. If you don’t know these teachers too well, it’s okay to go with something more general like a coffee/tea set or a gift certificate. If you can think of something that would help them in their job, such as a new water bottle for a sports coach or speakers for a dance teacher, that would make a great gift. Feel free to include something that shows this teacher they’re doing a good job and helping your child improve. Consider adding a photo of your child in a card to their coach.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Sunburst Electric Guitar Wine Bottle Stopper Best Coach Personalized Magazine Cover Thanks! Coach Dance Afghan
Electric Guitar Wine Bottle Stopper Coach Magazine Cover Thanks Coach Dance Afghan

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