The Perfect Gifts To Ring In the 4th of July: From Toddlers to Teens

Remember celebrating the Fourth of July as a kid? Those fireworks Uncle Mike had were strictly hands off, but that didn’t prevent you from having fun. From juicy hot dogs and drippy ice treats to hours of freeze tag and sidewalk chalk, the Fourth of July is perfect for the pint-sized set. Whether you’re hosting the party or going as a guest to a family-friendly event, don’t forget the kids with these patriotic gifts.



Bubbles. Even tiny tots can get in on the fun (and, let’s face it, the grown-up crowd won’t be able to resist them either.) The stars on the cap make them extra special.



Patriotic balls. Older kids can toss around patriotic pigskins or create an impromptu game of kickball. Little ones can color their own inflatable balls or chase light-up bouncy balls.




Teddy bears. If a parent is in the military, whether retired or on active duty, a teddy bear that pays homage to their service is a must. These cuddly creatures come in general military themes, army theme, Marine theme, Air Force, and Navy.


Glow Sticks. Kids get antsy waiting for fireworks. As soon as twilight hits, break out these glow sticks to keep them entertained. Better yet, have them don glow bracelets so that parents can easily keep an eye on them.



Puzzles. If you’re looking for a more meaningful, lasting gift, this 3D wooden bald eagle puzzle is something older kids can admire and display in their room year round.



Tattoos. Kids get to get inked, parents get to wash them off at the end of the day. It’s a win-win all around. These temporary tattoos are festive and come in a whopping 72-pack so that there are plenty to share.

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