Unique Holiday Gifts for Kids Under $50

The holidays make everyone feel like a kid again, and for good reason; it’s really all about them, isn’t it? If for no other reason than to bribe them into being good all year, it’s worth it (threats to call Santa are completely normal, acceptable parenting tactics).  All kidding aside, it’s the look on their face when they tear off the wrapping paper that reminds us of the joy of giving. Keep it simple and creative with these unique gifts, all under $50.

My Very Merry Christmas Personalized Board Book


For Babies and Toddlers

Cutesy holiday-themed gifts were made to lavish on babies. This sentimental Christmas book, $29.95, personalizes their name, embedding them right into the story.




They’ll make the cut for Santa’s newest reindeer with this plush hooded reindeer towel, $29.95. And if not, these assorted Christmas-themed socks (some pull double duty all year), $24.99, are a nice consolation prize. Finally, make chilly winter nights more bearable with a soft Bambu Buddy, $29, made of organic bamboo and cotton.

Reindeer Hooded TowelBambu Buddy

For Preschoolers

Get tots this age learning without them knowing. This peg board building set, $46.79, is a welcome change from battery-powered and plastic pieces. The Montessori-like toy teaches colors, size, and sorting. All they’ll see, though, is a rainbow of fun. (Psst: This pegging game  is similar but introduces rings for more creative sorting.)
Peg Board Building Block SetRainbow Whirls Pegging Game
Wood blocks are classic, and this handcrafted set of 41, $42.55, will inspire junior architects to build, balance and make-believe. For a more colorful take, this marble runaround, $34.98, combines colorful blocks with a timeless marble race for a new game every time.

Wooden Handcrafted Building Blocks Junior Builder SetMarble Runaround

Crayola Light Designer


Speaking of colorful-remember how mesmerized you were by the Lite Brites of your youth? This Crayola Light Designer, $39.99, updates that magic to the digital age with a stylus and light (and no broken crayons and paper to clean up).



For Tweens

The Air Fish


So you can’t box up a pet this year, but a remote-controlled flying fish beats a puppy every time. The Air Fish, $39.95, navigates the playroom as if it were its native habitat.


Dancing Golden Retriever iPod Speaker




If they’re stubborn about a puppy, this golden retriever iPod speaker, $34.95, should do the trick, dancing to their favorite playlist (challenge them to find a Fido that does that).





Martha Stewarts in training will love craft kits, whether to make fleecy pillows, $20, snowglobes, friendship bracelets, $21.49, lip balm, $19.16, or puzzles, $29.98.

Friends 4 Ever Bracelet KitPuzzle Maker Machine


For Teens

Think tech for your teens. Impress them with this hipster Holga, $39.99, that makes Instagram look like child’s play.  Protect their precious tablet with this eco-friendly re-fleece Kindle cover, $25, and keep term papers on hand with this adorable gorilla flash drive, $19.95.

ReFleece Kindle CoverGorilla USB Flash Drive

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