Unique Office Décor

Sprucing up the office isn’t exactly high on most to-do lists. It probably falls somewhere very low on the list, right after vacuuming the house after a long day and filing through a seemingly endless pile of mail. Yet dressing up the workplace doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be the exact opposite if you know what to look for and how to best accent the space. Here are several fun pieces of office décor that will add a little pop to anyone’s work area.

Levitating Globe


Forget standard globes that only spin when they’re manually manipulated. Powered by a computerized sensor, this electromagnetic levitating globe from the National Geographic Store is sure to fascinate anyone who drops by for a quick chat. In fact, forget the chat – just keep this front and center and it will keep visitors entertained, leaving you free to get back to the task at hand.


Murano Handblown Egg of Columbus Paperweight



Traditional paperweights seem so bland in comparison to this Egg of Columbus made with stunning Murano glass. Its design was inspired by a tale involving Christopher Columbus, who reminded his dinner guests that they could accomplish anything with a little tenacity. Likewise, this paperweight encourages employees to embrace their work with eagerness and enthusiasm.

Rosewood and Leather Waste Basket




There’s nothing quite like the sight of an overflowing trashcan to inspire a vague feeling of gloom. A few pristine pieces can make a big difference, though. This Dacasso wastebasket is made from supple black leather and accented with rosewood for a surprisingly sophisticated take on the none-too-glamorous trash receptacle.


Hand Pen Holder



Trouble keeping track of those basic office essentials? With this unique penholder in control, it’s all in hand – quite literally. The sturdy hand forms a fist that holds it all, from pens and pencils to scissors and highlighters. Bonus: One side is magnetic, so it easily stores paperclips and magnets and keeps desks free of needless clutter.



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