Unique Perfumes for Men and Women

Shopping for fragrances often involves a department store run – and usually ends in a purchase of the same old things. It’s nice to shake things up every now and then, as any lucky gift recipient – and certainly any fragrance lover – can attest. Take a peek at these unique fragrances for men and women, perfect for any time of year and guaranteed to leave a lingering memory.

Aromatic Blends Orange Flower and Lychee Fragrance


Kiehl’s is known for its aromatherapeutic blends for the skin, body, hair and face, but the storied company also designs fragrances. From the Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends line, the Orange Flower and Lychee Fragrance is an intriguing blend of sweet fruits and lush florals, including orange flower and Moroccan rose. The heady concoction feels at once crisp and sophisticated, with a ladylike finish. It’s even a bit playful thanks to its fruity note, and would be a fantastic addition to any floral fragrance lover’s lineup.

Love and Toast Honey Coconut Perfume



If their tastes run sweeter, this Love and Toast Honey Coconut Perfume should do the job nicely. In addition to its namesake notes, it also contains a marriage of sandalwood, violet, sweet honey and sugared vanilla. The result: pure saccharine sweetness that lasts and lasts. This feel-good blend is a wonderful summertime option, in particular.

Tomato Cologne Spray




For a truly unique scent option, Demeter will never let you down. The long-revered label bases its colognes on common items, like fruits, vegetables and even things like crayons (yes, really). The Tomato Cologne Spray is one of the more easy-to-wear options in the range. It’s crisp and cool, with a certain brightness that perks up any day with just a quick spray.

Liberte Old Bourbon Eau de Toilette




If he’s tired of regurgitating the same old colognes day after day, perhaps the Liberte Old Bourbon Ea de Toilette is exactly what he needs to shake things up. This vibrant fragrance is infused with sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, citrus peel and vanilla notes, all united in surprisingly perfect harmony.


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