Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Make this Valentine’s Day memorable with one of the following gifts. Whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, or just a secret crush, Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to let them know how you feel.


Gift Ideas for Your Crush

A great gift to give to your crush is the Reasons I Love You Stones. It’s a great way to express how you feel to the person you like, or maybe even love. Each stone displays a cute reason why you have a crush on someone. Leave a stone at your crush’s doorstep or on their desk.

Another way to let your crush know how you feel is to send a Sea of Love Message Gift Bottle with Scroll. The bottle contains sands, shells, and a message written on old parchment. It has traveled across the seas to be read by your secret crush. A similar gift that is just as romantic is the Valentine Message in a Bottle. Create your own SOS message of love and send it.

Reasons I Love You Stones Sea of Love Message Gift Bottle with Scroll Valentine Message in a Bottle
Reasons I Love Stones Sea of Love Message in a Bottle Valentine Message in a Bottle

For more ideas, visit Secret Admirer Valentine Gifts.

Gift Ideas for Your New Boyfriend or Girlfriend

For your new girlfriend, consider giving Be My Love Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gift Basket. It contains chocolate and even a teddy bear. The more chocolate the better, right? The Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials prepared by Beerntsen Confectionary are elegantly arranged and are delicious.

Another gift to give to your new boyfriend or girlfriend is the Personalized Heart to Heart Keychain. Engrave your half with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name and the date you became a couple. When the two key chains are held together, it resembles the shape of a heart.

The Romantic Obsession Box Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials Personalized Heart to Heart Keychain
Be My Love Valentine’s Gift Basket Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials Heart to Heart Keychain

Gift Ideas for a Serious Boyfriend or Girlfriend

If your relationship is serious, then let everyone know with a True Love Personalized iPhone Case. The bright red and white case featuring both of your names illustrates your feelings. You’ll be reminded of him or her every time you make a call. Another romantic symbol of a serious relationship is the I Cherish You Personalized Glass Bud Vase. It a perfect gift for a guy to give to his girl. The clear glass vase features a beautifully etched message and a eye-catching flower.

For a more intimate Valentine’s Day, give your girlfriend a Silk Georgette 40’s Gown. Any women would feel sexy in this see-through night gown.

True Love Personalized iPhone Cases I Cherish You Personalized Glass Bud Vase Silk Georgette 40's Gown
True Love iPhone Case I Cherish You Bud Vase Silk Georgette 40’s Gown

Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Wife
Create an inviting setting for your husband or wife this Valentine’s Day with a Romantic Room of Rose Petals, Candles and Pearl Beads. Reserve a hotel room and set the mood for a romantic evening. While at your hotel getaway, peruse through a set of Naughty Nights Coupons. It recommends several ways to spice up the evening. The next day, place a Because of You Personalized Keepsake Sculpture  on the table stand. The beautifully etched message on the clear glass with let your special someone know just how much they mean to you.

Romantic Hotel Room Decoration Naughty Nights Coupons Because Of You Personalized Keepsake
Romantic Room Decorations Naughty Nights Coupons Because of You Keepsake

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Gift Ideas for Your Friends
There are several gifts you can give to friends on Valentine’s Day. The Personalized Heart Photo Vase holds a flower and features an engraved message and photo. Another great gift to give to a friend is the 75 Reasons To Love You Custom Coffee Mug. Drink coffee while reading the cute message. One more option is the Personalized Our Paradise Island Canvas. It features a lasting image of a tropical island just for the two of you.

Personalized Heart Photo Vase Heart Coffee Mugs Personalized Our Paradise Island Canvas
Heart Photo Vase Write Your Own Valentine Ad  Mug Our Paradise Island Canvas

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