Valentine’s Day Gifts Inspired By Romantic Movies

Valentine's Day Gifts Inspired By Romantic Movies

Hollywood has turned out countless love stories that have tugged at the heartstrings of even the most stoic person. Why not take a page from Tinsel Town’s script to please your own leading man or lady this Valentine’s Day? Show your loved one how much you care with something inspired by a favorite romantic movie.


Celebrate one of Ghost’s most romantic scenes with a pottery wheel. Don’t forget the clay, paint and other supplies! You might even sign up for a pottery class you can take together. Other arts and crafts that you can share—glass making, painting, maybe even scrapbooking—can be a fun and creative way to spend some quality time with your significant other.

Christening Day Personalized Glass Frame Simple Freshwater Pearl Baptism Bracelet scrapbooking
Pottery Wheel Love Is Art Kit Antico Scrapbook

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The Princess Bride

With its goofy charm and wry sense of humor, gifts inspired by The Princess Bride should be both sweet and a bit irreverent. Have pictures of yourself and your Valentine placed playfully in a fairy tale scene, or create a photo album of your own storybook romance. Swashbuckling memorabilia, a la the Dread Pirate Robert, is properly romantic and humorous.

love Shack Rug Humorous Caricature Photo Book of Us Journal
Love Shack Doormat Cinderella caricature Photo A Journal of Our Love Story

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Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind epitomizes the drama, romance and adventure of Old Hollywood brought to the big screen. Figurines, movie posters, even jewelry inspired by Scarlett O’Hara make fitting mementoes that celebrate this great classic love story.

Gone with the Wind Standee Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind Charm Bracelet
Rhett and Scarlett Standee Movie Poster Scarlett’s Costumes Charm Bracelet

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Sweep your Titanic-loving boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse away with a maritime-inspired offering. Pictures of the RMS Titanic, clocks designed after classic naval pieces, or even a model of the great ocean liner will please your ship-loving Valentine. How about a puzzle featuring the Titanic for you and your sweetheart to work on together?

Nautical Clocks Ships Titanic Puzzle
Brass Chart Tide Clock RMS Titantc Wooden Model Titanic 3D Puzzle

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Lady and the Tramp
Follow the lead of this charming tale of puppy love—prepare a special feast for your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Present them with a nice pasta gift basket, and start cooking up some romance! Bonus points if you include a red-and-white checkered tableclothand a location under the stars.

Pasta Gift Basket Pasta Serving Bowls Picnic Baskets
Pasta and Wine Gift Basket Pasta Serving Bowls Picnic Basket for Two

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The Notebook
Here’s an easy one! The best gift to pay homage to this modern-day romance is a beautiful, leather-bound journal. Perhaps your own love story will fill its pages! Need more ideas? Consider something that personifies the 1940s (when much of the film was set), such as vintage posters or home décor.

Leather Journals Vintage Signs 1940's Home Decor
Forever Heart Clasp Journal Vintage Metal Sign Coca-Cola Refrigerated Cooler

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Sleepless in Seattle

For the great rom-com that takes place in Seattle, the coffee capital of the USA, an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift should definitely include top-quality coffee. A gift basket of gourmet beans and biscotti or other treats would do nicely, as would a very special coffee mug. For something a little more upscale, how about a deluxe coffee grinder? Maybe your beloved isn’t a coffee drinker, in which case a unique umbrella would pay tribute to Seattle’s famous rainy weather. Have it personalized for that extra touch.

Coffee and Cookies Gift Basket Coffee Kitchenware Umbrellas
Coffee and Cookies Gift Basket Coffee Grinder Personalized Umbrella

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Vamp up your Valentine’s Day with some vampire-inspired novelties for the Twilight fan in your life. From vampire-themed barware to stylishly fanged teddy bears, there are many monstrously fun gifts suitable for the occasion. If you’re looking for something less sinister and more sentimental, jewelry inspired by the movie makes a lovely choice.

Vampire Themed Barware Vampires Vampires
Vampire Pub Glasses Vampire Teddy Bear Bella Inspired Necklace

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