Valentine’s Day Guide for the Brokenhearted

Broken Hearted

February 14th is no longer strictly reserved for cutesy couples in matching sweaters who refer to each other as “Snookums” and “Honeybear”. Find yourself going solo on V-Day? Maybe you’ve just ended it with a long distance lover, signed the final line on your divorce papers or deleted your final online dating profile. No matter how you got to Valentine’s Day party of one, don’t just curl up in bed with a pint of ice cream and overplayed chick flick. Treat yourself to a gift because you deserve it!


Looking to Laugh?

Like they say, laughter really is the best medicine. If you’re trying to heal a recent heartache, go with a big dose of comedy. Gag gifts, like a darts game with your ex’s face, a sarcastic self-help book or a playful voodoo doll, will leave you crying with laughter instead of sorrow. Or grab a group of single friends and hit up a live comedy show or hilarious flick at your local theatre for guaranteed laughs and good times.

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Want to Eat?

You don’t have to be in a relationship to sit down to a delicious meal or pry open a decadent box of chocolates. Use V-Day as an opportunity to try something different: why not get the new restaurant on the block to deliver dinner based purely on the chef’s recommendation? Invite your friends over and dig into surprise eats. If you prefer to cook for yourself, head to the market for your favorite top-quality ingredients and indulge, guilt-free, in that delicious peanut sauce you could never make before because your ex was allergic. Finish the night off with a box of chocolates to yourself; they’re way more fun when you don’t have to fight someone for the best chocolates.

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Interested in Making Something?

Take the nontraditional route and use Valentine’s Day to better yourself instead of spending money on overpriced candy and flowers for someone else. Kick start that hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue, like learning to knit or becoming a wiz in the kitchen. Tackle that shelf you’ve wanted to install or channel your inner Martha and create an arts and crafts masterpiece. By the end of the night you’ll have gained new skills and have more to show for your Valentine’s Day than an inflated credit card bill.

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Need to Feel Sexy or Confident?

It’s time to take back Valentine’s Day! This year you’re going to feel sexy and confident for yourself, not for that loser who was hanging around last year. Treat yourself to a beautiful set of matching lingerie, for your eyes only. Or head to the gym and sign up for the boot camp class you’ve walked past a dozen times. This isn’t about looking great for someone else; it’s about looking great for you! If you’ve got a few friends who could use a confidence boost, try something fun and a little risqué like a cardio pole dancing class. If all else fails, just blast any girl anthem playlist, dance around the house, and belt along to “I Will Survive”. Repeat until you feel better.

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