Wedding Gift Guide


Thoughtful gifts for everyone in the wedding party will become treasured reminders of the happy day. The gifts that are given to the bride and groom by family and friends will mark their union long after they are joined together in matrimony. For the groomsmen and bridesmaids, gifts are tokens of appreciation for their love and friendship. As you search for gifts for the wedding party, selecting special items that will celebrate the couple’s wedding day will remind them all of this joyous occasion for years to come.


Gift Ideas for a Son or Daughter

A memorable wedding gift for your son will always remind him of how much he means to you. A Personalized Wedding Poem for Son features a touching poem along with an area where he can insert a photo of this special day. A personalized gift for your daughter will invoke loving thoughts of her family.  A Mother’s Loving Touch Figurine  by Lenox is a touching symbol of their mother/daughter bond. Hand write a special message on the bottom for only the two of you to share.

Give your son or daughter a gift that will keep giving for a lifetime with fond memories of romantic times together. A Gourmet Dinner Cruise in an exciting city will give the happy couple a lovely evening of dining, dancing and site-seeing on the water.

Personalized Wedding Poem for Son Wedding Figurines for a Daughter Gourmet Dinner Cruise
Wedding Poem for Son Mother’s Loving Touch Figurine Gourmet Dinner Cruise

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Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

A gift for your groomsmen should reflect your friendship and all of the good times you have shared. A Personalized Frosty Pop-up Bucket will make them think of your friendship bonds while keeping their favorite beverages cold. The Bridal Party Personalized T-Shirt will never let the guys forget the fun they had helping you get ready for your special day.

If you are searching for a sentimental gift for your groomsmen, an Engraved Groomsman Key Ring is a functional gift that will honor this special occasion and the role your friends played preparing for your wedding day.

Personalized Frosty Pop-up Bucket  The Bridal Party Personalized T-Shirt Engraved Groomsman Key Ring
Frosty Pop-up Bucket Bridal Party T-Shirt Engraved Key Ring

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Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Your friends have been there for your from the time you met your husband-to-be up until your approaching nuptials. A Bridesmaid Polka Dot Terry Pamper Pouch will be the perfect place to put special items for a gift that keeps on giving and reminds your friends of all the fun you had planning your wedding. A Personalized Mini Champagne Bottle can be engraved with a touching or humorous message just for your special friends.

If you want to give your bridesmaids a gift that will remind them of your wedding celebration for years to come, a unique keepsake that is useful and beautiful will never let them forget. A Bridesmaid Silver Keepsake Box will bring back great memories of planning for your big day while providing a safe spot for small items.

Bridesmaid Polka Dot Terry Pamper Pouch Personalized Mini Champagne Bottle Bridesmaid Silver Keepsake Box
Polka Dot Pamper Pouch Mini Champagne Bottle Silver Keepsake Box

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Gift Ideas for a Friend or Co-worker

When shopping for a gift for your special friend’s wedding, choosing an item that reminds him or her of the wedding vows will invoke thoughts of this important day and your friendship. A 10 Rules for a Happy Marriage Sign is a nice gift for the new couple from a good friend. If your co-worker is walking down the isle, you can express your congratulations with a Wedding Rings Visa Gift Card that allows the couple to select an item that fits their new life together.A Personalized Silver ‘I Do’ Wedding Picture Frame is a great gift for a friend or co-worker because it provides a wonderful way to display a treasured photo of the bride and groom.

10 Rules For A Happy Marriage Sign Wedding Rings Visa Gift Card Personalized Silver 'I Do' Wedding Picture Frame
Rules for a Happy Marriage Sign Visa Gift Card “I Do” Picture Frame

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