What do I buy my Grandmother?

My grandmother is 96 years old, and doing pretty well for herself. She still lives at home, enjoys good health, she loves spending time with family and friends.

But choosing just the right gifts for her is increasingly hard. Her house is stuffed full of knickknacks and trinkets, souvenirs and mementos and collectibles of all kinds, the remnants of nearly century of life. Every one is precious, but she doesn’t really have room for more. Likewise, she doesn’t indulge her old hobbies of cooking and gardening and travel, and she has no patience for new fangled gadgets like iPads and smartphones. So what’s a granddaughter to do?

Items that help keep her comfortable seem like the best idea to me. She tends to get cold easily, so I’m eyeing this cashmere lounge set:

She’ll love the soft color, and it’s stylish enough for the occasional lunch outing or doctor’s visit. If I’m feeling particularly cheeky, I might pair it up with this humorous t-shirt, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the joke!

Though she doesn’t bother much with make-up anymore, she still needs to take care of her skin. A moisturizer like this one will help protect her skin from dryness and chafing:

One thing about my grandmother that hasn’t changed is her sweet tooth. This box full of sweet smiles is sure to brighten her day:


And while we’re talking about smiles, what grandmother could ever resist a wallet-full of smiling faces?

I’ll be sure to fill this one with pictures of all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren before I give it to her! And I’ll be sure to snap a picture of the smile on her face when she opens her gift, because her smiles are as precious to me as gold.

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