When Does a Seasoned Holiday Shopper Get Started?

We are just getting into the swing of summer, so the last thing on our minds should be the holiday season. Or should it? It seems like once we hit the 4th of July, time starts barreling down the tracks and, before we know it, there are carolers singing, the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin fill the air and Santa is drawing up the final draft of the Naughty & Nice list. That’s right Christmas time will be here in the blink of an eye.

This year, rather than wait until the last minute to buy Christmas (or Hanukkah!) gifts, consider getting all your shopping out of the way before a chill hits the air. Not only will you feel ultra-accomplished, you will be the envy of all your procrastinating friends.

Five reasons to shop for Christmas now:

Avoid crowds. It’s inHoliday shopping crowdsevitable, during the holiday season, everyone is at the mall at the same time as you.  How rude!  Parking is a mess, lines are outrageous and everyone is fighting over the last [insert popular toy of the season].  Avoid the headache and honor the spirit of the season by not partaking in the madness.  What’s the best way to do that? Don’t shop during Christmas!




Large selection of gifts

Large selection. Not many things are as maddening as getting to your favorite store only to find a paltry selection of items that would barely pass as gifts. By shopping now, you can sneak in before all the good stuff’s gone and get that whirlmajig little Susie’s always wanted or the widget Papa Ted’s been hinting at. Better yet, you can skip the stores all together and take your time perusing the Internet to find gifts for everyone on your list.


Shop For Deals. Shopping early allows you to take your time and find gifts that offer the most bang for your buck. And what’s better than seeing the joy on other people’s faces while thinking about that 20% discount you received?

Easy on the wallet


Easier on the wallet. Not only can you shop for deals, starting early allows you the spread the gift-buying costs over a longer period of time. So this year forgo the ulcer that comes with looking over an endless list of friends and family on December 24th while wondering “How can I afford this?!”


Ahead of the game. As mentioned previously, your early holiday gift-shopping ways will make you the envy of all those around you. Each time you add a new early present to the mix, you can stand in front of your finds and smile in delight knowing that you can truly enjoy the beauty of the season this year.


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