White Elephant Gift Guide

White Elephant Gift

Nothing says holiday spirit more than an old-fashioned game of White Elephant (or Yankee Swap or Dirty Secret Santa). Participants are encouraged to disguise, persuade and steal until they are left with the best gift of them all. No one loses in this hilarious game of gift-swapping and mysteriously wrapped packages. So get your office, bowling league or sorority sisters together and decide whether to risk an unwrapped gift or steal something better!


Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Unlike traditional gift-giving, thoughtful gifts can be difficult for White Elephant because you can’t cater your
gift to a certain person so it’s best to pick something that appeals to the whole group. For $10, consider a
homemade gift like hot chocolate mix or the dry ingredients for cookies wrapped in a beautiful container.
Another great $10 gift would be a framed photo of your office/team – that way everyone is in the picture!
At $20 you can afford to get something a little more meaningful. Is everyone always swarming the coffee
station at work? Gift a specialty coffee set. Could your teammates use new bags for their bowling balls?
Pick up a holiday themed one! If your budget is $50, you can never go wrong with wine, chocolates and/
or specialty cheese. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who won’t appreciate these delicious gifts.
Alternatively, you could pick up a gift card for a great restaurant or local store that your group would love.

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Hot Chocolate Mix for Two Roasters Gourmet Flavored Coffee Crossridge Peak Wine Gift Basket

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Funny Gift Ideas

Lucky for you jokester – White Elephant was made for funny gifts! At the $10 limit it’s time to wrap up
the gag gift you’ve always wanted to give. Whether it be prank soap, a themed magic 8 ball or toilet paper
with funny sayings, let your inner comic loose this season. For $20 you can go above and beyond with a
homemade funny gift, like a personalized calendar with photos of yourself for every month! Or maybe this is
the perfect time to gift an inappropriate board game. When your limit is $50 worth of hilarity, it’s time to go
big! Consider an adult-sized onesie, life-size cardboard cut-out of yourself or anything else you’ll have to use
a whole roll of wrapping paper to cover.

Office Toys Humorous Caricature Photo Adult size Footed PJs
Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball Your Photo in a Office Caricature Hoodie Footie PJs

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I’m a Jerk Gift Ideas

Be careful wannabe-Grinches; not everyone reacts well to gifts that are more mean than funny. Be sure
to gauge the crowd and ensure no one’s night is ruined with your gift. For $10 you can pick up some
hilariously insensitive gifts like adult diapers, foot odor sprays or even a half-eaten box of chocolates (buy a
$20 box so the half that is left is still worth $10). The perfect $20 gift is definitely a horrendous Christmas
sweater. Check out your local thrift store for anything with dancing reindeers and hand stitching. Bonus
points if it lights up! The $50 gift that is sure to have people cursing you is 50 one dollar bills! Sure, it’s
great to have a little extra cash on hand but no one wants to go home with a fistful of cash because they
can’t close their wallet! Plus, explaining to their spouse why they have 50 ones is sure to be an entertaining

Happy Holidays!

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