White Elephant Gifts Under $20

With the holidays, come parties–lots of them. Between family gatherings, office parties, secret Santa, ugly sweater parties, and white elephant gift parties, the holidays can feel like running a marathon. Purchasing a devastating amount of gifts can be exhausting. It’s no wonder people can’t wait for this season to end.

Thankfully, with fun gatherings like a white elephant party, you only have to buy one gift! Whether you know everyone at the party or not, the chances are, your gift is going to be a little ridiculous and good for a laugh. The game is such comic relief in itself that it helps to get a gift of equal comic stature.

If you aren’t familiar with how a white elephant party works, let me fill you in real quick: Everyone at the party (who chooses to participate, that is) brings a wrapped gift. Each person gets a number and that is the order they go in for picking out a gift. Once the game starts, the person who is up next has a choice between stealing a person’s gift, or opening a new one. The game continues this way until all of the gifts have been opened. Essentially, when you’re shopping for a white elephant gift, you want to purchase something that everyone wants to steal, making the game more exciting. Here are a few white elephant gift ideas under $20 to get you started!

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Book

Originally worn by your grandmother and eventually passed down to you, the ugly Christmas sweater is now worn with pride, all for the sake of a good laugh and a good time. This Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Book captures some of the greatest and hideous sweaters ever worn, complete with hilarious captions.


Squatting Gnome




Filled with anger and probably some other things, this Squatting Gnome means business. With his pants down around his ankles, this gnome statue is sure to make his mark on their garden, balcony, or desk.


Chew-by-Numbers Gum Art



Instead of tossing that old, chewed up gum, in the trash, help them turn their used gum into a work of art, with this Chew-by-Numbers Gum Art. The final result is almost worthy of being displayed on the fridge!

Banana Phone Handset





Make all of their phone calls a little sweeter, with this Banana Phone Handset. They’ll want to steal this white elephant gift like a monkey in the jungle!

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