10 Gifts Under $15 for Your Secret Santa Exchange

Another Christmas means another year of getting suckered into participating in the Secret Santa Gift Exchange. There are two simple rules to follow when engaging in any secret gift exchange:

  • Stay within the assigned spending limits.
  • Come up with a unique gift. Translation: No gift cards allowed!

What to Buy?

The following gift ideas will both make your secret Santa shopping easy and solidify your popularity. Read on.

  1. 1Things That Nobody Knows by William Harston

    The perfect book for both the person who knows it all and the person who knows little. With 501 mysteries of life and the universe, Harston digs into important questions such as “Can yeast think?” and “Who came up with the idea of the potato peeler?” Then, he urges readers to stretch their mind even more when he pushes us to ponder “Why are so many male giraffes gay?” It’s silly, yet well-researched entertainment at your fingertips. This gift will ensure there isn’t any awkward silence at the staff Christmas party, and will provide amusement for the recipient at home.
  2. 2Burt’s Bees Head to Toe Gift Pack

    Help the recipient feel good and smell good from the tips of her toes to the top of her head with this assortment of Burt’s Bees most popular products. Cleansing cream, hand salve, lotion, body wash, foot cream, and lip balm are all included in this six-piece kit. Burt’s Bees creates products, which are good for you and the environment. Plus, anything that leaves someone smelling peppermint and rosemary is going to be a hit.
  3. 3Mister Tea Infuser

    The Mister Tea Infuser is very inexpensive, practical, and pretty adorable on its own. It’s made from food safe soft silicone rubber, which means it’ll last quite a while. It also comes pre-packaged in a colorful gift box for your convenience. A perfect last-minute gift for that “oh crap” moment when you realize you dropped the ball for your Secret Santa exchange.
  4. 4The Wonder Vase

    Let the gift recipient design two distinctive vases (sold as a set of two). This thermal-sensitive polymer (big words equal cool results) vase starts out paper thin, but as soon as it is filled with cold water, it can be hand-formed into any shape. Just empty and refill with cold water, and the watertight vase is ready for flowers. The best part is when the flowers die, rinse the vase in warm water, and it returns to its flat shape and is ready for easy storage.
  5. 5Cassette Tape Memo Board

    Not only is this a fun nod at the 80's, but it's also useful. Give someone this cassette tape memo board and fun messages about hair bands, tight rolled jeans, and upcoming appointments will appear. The board measures 14 x 8.5 inches, and it includes a marker with a felt eraser. Plus, reminders about going to the dentist are less painful when you imagine they’re just a track on your mixed-tape.
  6. 6Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

    Plain water is boring, but water infused with fresh fruit or herbs is a fun time for all! Just slide berries, melon, oranges, lemon, mint, or other deliciousness of your choice into the infuser and wait 5-10 minutes. Made of glass, stainless steel, and acrylic, not only is the Flavor Infuser Water Bottle good for the health conscious, but the reusable bottle reduces waste. Regardless of your hobbies and interests, a water bottle which encourages miology will be a favorite gift for him or her.
  7. 7Canned Unicorn Meat

    This is one gift in which you can be certain there won't be duplicates. Straight from Radiant Farms, this canned "meat" (fine, it's really a stuffed unicorn inside the can) is perfect for both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Plus, if your friend tends to read or view anything, which falls in the realm of the fantasy genre, you will have hit a grand slam. If not, we are certain they will re-gift this bad boy and get lots of laughs.
  8. 8Bacon Soda

    No gag gift here. This carbonated beverage smells and tastes like real bacon. Creators call Bacon Soda the “perfect marriage of bacon and sugar,” we call it the hit of the party. The receiver of Bacon Soda will not leave the gift exchange with a full bottle.
  9. 9Sci-Fi Sound Machine

    This isn't just for the sci-fi lover. With a push of a button, one of sixteen cool sounds erupts from this tiny machine, including a ray gun, droid beeper, light saber and many more intergalactic noises. Not only will this sound machine bring life to the next dull work or family meeting, but it will provide fun for the receiver and for anyone who is within earshot.
  10. 10Personalized Pink Leather Key Chain Flask

    Designed to carry one ounce of alcohol, this stainless steel flask also serves as a key chain. This flask includes a one-inch engraving plate which can hold up to twelve characters in the font of your choice allowing you to create a personalized message to the recipient. This compact flask also serves as a unique alternative to the standard bottle of wine.

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