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Hand-Picked Gift Ideas for Couples

Searching for the right gift for any one person can often be challenging enough, but the trouble can double when you're hunting down a single gift for a couple. The perfect present has to be something they can share and that appeals to the sensibilities of both. You also need to take into consideration where the pair happens to be on the intimacy spectrum - you wouldn't, for example, buy a puppy to congratulate a guy and gal on a successful third date. Fret not; your friendly neighborhood shopping guide is here once again to help you please two birds with one gift.

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  1. 1 Just Dating

    • Relaxing Rooms

      • Bring them closer together with some “d'aww” time by giving them the 98 Love Letters That Will Bring You to Your Knees Book to share. Powerful communiques from historical figures, from the legendary to the nameless, will pull their temples together in empathy as they pore over this book on their couch or at a coffee shop.

      • If you're ready to introduce some realness into the mix, the All About Him and All About Her Couple's Books will have them pouring out their souls to each other through their deepest, innermost thoughts...which will be on the test. Couples fill out questions detailing their life histories and personality quirks and then trade for required reading. This workbook is endorsed by self-help gurus John Gray and Anthony Robbins for its comprehensive and open-ended structure.

      • Providing that the exchange didn't reveal telling details best left for the courts to sort out, the pair are probably closer than ever and are ready for some Naughty Nights Coupons. Frisky suggestions help overcome the initial shyness that can hamper initial encounters. The 22 pages included will keep them occupied for weeks, or for one extremely exhausting night.

    • Romantic Evening

      • A home-cooked meal festooned with the usual complement of wine and candles is always a solid way for a couple to spend some bonding time. But what should be on the menu? Take the pressure out of planning by giving them a London Broil Dinner for Two to share. A set of 10-oz, high-quality cuts of meat proves easy to cook and serve so that the canoodling twosome can concentrate on more important things.

      • If you would prefer to take all of the meal preparation out of their hands and get them out of the house, a ticket for a Gourmet Dinner Cruise is just the ticket. Gorgeous views, fine wine, and dancing are the perfect seasonings for an upscale meal. This gift is available for a variety of cities and features no expiration date, so there's no excuse for them not to have a good time.

      • Culinary excursions such as the Cheese and Wine Tasting in New York for Two for Two offer a step up for a couple that yearns for a weekend getaway. Heady cheeses and aromatic wines will dazzle the senses as they bond over sharing the ultimate in simple pleasures. Similar trips or a gift card can be purchased from Xperience Days.

    • Getting Serious

      • So things are going great and they've exchanged apartment keys. It sounds like they're ready for the next level of commitment - installing appliances into the wall. Get the burgeoning steadies a His and Hers Keyholder Set. Spare keys are nestled into a stainless steel relief of the universally recognized “men” and “women” silhouettes.

      • Now that they're spending more nights together, they're learning that it's tough to navigate unfamiliar territory in the dark. Forestall any awkward midnight mishaps by giving them a Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Night Light. An infrared motion sensor detects groggy interlopers and warns them with a gentle red or green light as to whether the toilet seat is up or down. An added advantage is that the light gives weary travelers a reference point for aiming without the need to turn on a glaring incandescent overhead light.

      • If you’re a fan of Jenga and sex (this should be all of you), we have the perfect gift idea for you and your significant other. This game combines all the best parts of Truth or Dare and Jenga with… well, all the best parts of sex. Unlike Jenga, when the tower falls, everybody wins! You can’t beat that for the holiday season. Just remember – cleanup can be messy!

  2. 2 Just Married

    • Honeymoon Hijinks

    • A New Nest

      • The fact that newlyweds most likely need any number of furnishings to accentuate their new home together means it's easy to scale your investment. The Personalized Silver Plated Square Wine Stopper is elegant without being ostentatious, sporting an engraved commemorative message of your choosing. Swing the pendulum in the other direction and you could present them with the sleek Caffe Nero Combination Espresso Machine. Home baristas can service all the caffeine needs of the household with a coffee carafe and a double espresso grupper. A gold filter, steam wand, and programmable timer are just some of the great qualities to be found in this full-featured appliance.

      • To gift the Handpainted Blue Indian Stacking Table is to strike a balance between opulence and practicality. Each panel of hand-painted mango wood is unique and ornate. The clever modular design enables the recipients to increase or decrease available surface area in the room at will. A young couple will find no end of uses for this singular series of furniture.

    • Providing Peace

      • Any married couple can tell you that the adjustment of moving into a new home and planning daily activities around a whole other human being can be a shock to the system at first. Relaxation is the key to keeping an even keel, and tranquilizing tools like an Instant Stress Relief "Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace" CD are sure to be appreciated when the changes start to pile up. This example features renowned serenity specialist Susie Mantell leading a thirty-minute guided meditation to help find a center when life knocks someone off balance.

      • An even deeper level of calm can be achieved with acoustic implements such as the Sound Conditioner White Noise Machine. This device emits a baseline sound wave that absorbs the ambient noise that might otherwise distract from inner bliss. The tone, pitch, and volume are adjustable so that it it useful whether they live in the woods or near an airport.

      • But if they're not looking for “quiet time” so much as “me time”, taking turns in a Quilted Fabric Hammock (or sharing a pair) is a relaxing means of grabbing some fresh air. You can rest assured that you're giving a gift that will pay off in dividends for years to come, as it is made from high-quality components: rust-resistant zinc chromate hardware, weather-treated oak dowels, and Duracord fabric that comfortable yet tough. A dose of good old Vitamin D is just the prescription to inject some perspective on days that can seem otherwise overwhelming.

  3. 3 Just Crazy

    • Partying Pair

      • No one knows how to party better than your carousing couple, but spotting them the tools to get the job done is the least you can do for all the good times. They can take the party inside or out with the Traveling Bartender Portable Bar. This stand dresses for any occasion with three interchangeable nylon skirts: football, tiki, and black tie formal. It only weighs 15 pounds and breaks down easily for transport to the backyard, pool, or stadium parking lot.

      • The bar surface is the perfect perch for a Party Ice Luge. A staple for the heartiest of partiers, water is frozen inside a mold that impresses two tracks into the block. Extrude the ice, pour shots into the high end, and cold liquor will dispense into waiting cups or mouths.

      • If it's still early, slow down the imbibing a bit with drinking games such as a Party Barge Pool Beer Pong Table. This six-foot float has ten cupholders per side for poolside pongers as well as additional depressions along the perimeter for spectators. A cooler in the center ensures that the refills for Round 2 are as cold as the first. The balls are included, as are two patch kits in case the party gets a little too crazy.

    • Tripping Twosome

      • A crazy couple always defines itself by the outlandish experiences they share. A gift certificate for a heart-pounding activity like the Sierra Nevada Climbing Adventure for Two will get their blood flowing. With this excursion, a certified instructor conducts a class on the proper methods of rock climbing and the necessary safety procedures. Then your friends will have all day to dangle from escarpments and pretend that they aren't terrified.

      • If that sounds too exhausting, the good folks at Billy Bob's Texas Honky Tonk Experience for 2 in Fort Worth can compact a weekend's worth of adventure into eight seconds. The drinking and dancing your beneficiaries will enjoy is actually just to loosen them up for the main attraction. Billy Bob's offers a rodeo show before giving way for spectators to try their own hand at (mechanical) bull riding. Should egos get trampled by a quick dismount, a photo taken atop Billy Bob's stuffed bucking bull can be passed off as the real thing to credulous friends.

      • You could, of course, give the pair a story that they'll never stop telling with an Air Combat Dogfight. You read that right. If money is no object, you can have them settle their differences in the skies. A combat instructor will teach basic evasive maneuvers and afford a practice run to try them out in an aircraft. Then it's time for the advanced class on strategy and tactics before the final confrontation in decommissioned Marchetti S260s outfitted with laser targets. Just try not to roll your eyes every time they refer to each other as “Maverick” and “Goose”.

    • Wake the Neighbors

      • The concupiscent combo are always all over each other, but that opens up an opportunity for you to give some winking largesse. Although at first blush (are you blushing yet?) the Candy Bra seems like a gift for women, you're actually giving something that benefits them both: she gets to look fashionable for a few short minutes, and he gets to enjoy a light snack. The libidinous confection comes festooned with sweet and tart hard candies suspended on a lattice of stretch cords.

      • Or you could double down and give a set such as the Kama Sutra Getaway Gift Basket, packed to the brim with aromatic oils, exotic sweets, and edible appliques. Still too tame? Tacitly challenge the limits of their endurance with Acrobatic Sex Positions: So Crazy We Dare You to Try Them, a book for passionate pairs at the peak of physical prowess.

Hand-Crafted Gift Guides for:

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