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Hand-Picked Gift Ideas for Women

The great thing about women is everything. No matter their personality, they're dynamic and lovable. That doesn't always make them easy to shop for, however. Below, we sketch out in broad strokes some concepts to help you start dialing in some gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

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  1. 1 Fashionista

    • Styling the Self

      • She knows there’s a time to leave that big hobo bag behind go minimal, but a dinky wallet just won’t do. This Leather Women’s Clutch with Wristlet is the perfect fashion accessory for clubbing and parties when she wants to keep a firm grip on her credit cards yet keep her trendsetting cred intact. With her smartphone at the ready for those last minute wardrobe consultations, she’s the definitive expert on style.

      • The chill of a December day doesn't mean that vogue has to be tucked away under dull practicality. A Black Knee-length Cashmere Overcoat keeps in the warmth while radiating style. Soft 100% Cashmere with a supple polyester satin interior lining provides feather-light insulation against the blusteriest of days. With this sleek outerwear, no one has to suffer for fashion.

      • No outfit or ice cream sundae is complete without the right accessories, and the Jeweled Beige Suede and Jeweled Beige Suede and Reptile Leather Hobo Bag is the cherry on top for one of those. The reptile finishes and calf inserts suggest the Wild West by way of Fifth Avenue. This bag has a large interior compartment, an interior zip pocket, and a cell phone drop pouch. A dust bag is included with purchase.

    • Decorating the Domicile

      • Clocks are a necessity, but they also facilitate some of the best opportunities to accent a home with personal style. Vintage Clock Tripod Table juxtaposes venerable ornament with novel thinking by using the face of an 18” clock as a table surface atop an old-style camera tripod. The battery-powered dial replicates the visual characteristics an antique compass but functions with quartz precision. At a little over two feet high, this piece works as an end table or an occasional table.

      • Carlo Contin crafted the Satellite Bowl with the mind of an architect and the aesthetic eye of a fashionista. The striking lines of its geometric array make it as beautiful on the tables as it is functional. Its timeless design is appropriate to any season, but it can be folded up and easily packed away if she wants to change the centerpiece.

      • The kitchen or bathroom houses a vast potential for gadgets, doodads, and whatnots, but no self-respecting fashionista wants her daily necessities cluttering up the viewshed. To paraphrase some wise advice, Life needs a taboret, my friend. Standing almost four feet high, the 10-Drawer Taboret presents a storage solution that won't offend the eye. Pine framing and metal drawer pulls make this a versatile addition to any room.

    • Swanky Soirees

      • There's not much point in being stylish if you don't show it off, so consider giving her gifts that express her personal flair while entertaining. A good first step would be the Tree Trunk Ice Bucket with Scoop. Lightweight aluminum construction means it is easily handled even when filled with ice or a chilled bottle of wine. The silver plating is embossed with stunning detail without seeming ostentatious. Included is an ice scoop with a curved handle for hanging and matching design elements. The set looks as striking on display in a china cabinet or on a sideboard as it will on a social setting.

      • More intimate gatherings are the perfect stage for the delicate beauty of the Belle Amitie Glass Teapot. The 32 oz. capacity holds enough tea for a cadre of her closest companions. Its borosilicate material, stronger than conventional glass, gives visitors a view of the steeping leaves within.

      • If she wants to throw together some comestibles to go along with these beverages, she doesn't have to break her stylish stride. A quick don of the Original Pink Chocolate Apron and she'll have some kitchen fashion to protect her everywhere-else fashion. Its modern patterning and frilly accents belie its sturdy construction; the apron sports double-ply, 100% cotton and washes without fuss.

  2. 2 Adventuress

    • Adventure Apparel

      • An adventuress travels light, but that doesn't mean she should go without. The ultra-versatile Women's Adventure and Travel Utility Jacket has lots of pockets for GPS devices and snakebite kits. The water-resistant Supplex nylon and zip-off sleeves make it suitable for almost any weather condition south of the Arctic.

      • Technology is a double-edged sword; smartphone touch screens make it very difficult to play GunBros while in line at the ski lift. Fortunately, a solution has presented itself in the Touch Screen Fleece Gloves. Fibers in the thumb and forefinger of the glove conduct the piezoelectric currents required for smartphone use, but the fingertip flips up if her finicky phone demands a personal touch. Textured palms provide the friction to help keep the phone in hand.

      • Complete the outerwear package with a Winter Frost Pom Pom Hat, which has a thick polyester faux-fur lining; it's a simple and classic way for her to stay warm and adorable on her winter outings.

    • Striking Out Safely

      • For those who frequently travels into the Great Wide Open, disaster is always a step away. You can show you care by taking active steps to prevent trouble. For example, there are few places an adventuress can go, city or wilderness, that she won't have to deal with pesky bugs. Insect Shield® Bandana uses proven science to almost completely eliminate bites from predatory critters. As an added bonus, the rag also provides 30+ SPF protection from the UV rays that cause sunburn.

      • Getting her some gear to help her adventure more safely is always a good idea. A NiteRider Cordless Bike Light is a necessity for through-bikers or triathletes. This lamp requires no tools to place or remove and provides 600 lumens of power to push back the dark.

      • Meanwhile, the Deluxe Survival Bottle Kit is the answer to many of life's pressing questions, such as “How will I stay warm and dry while bandage this wound?” The kit includes a poncho, emergency thermal blanket, a multitool, and dozens of other little helpful items that all fit inside a single water bottle. Whether her adventures take her to the snow, desert, or ocean, there are few emergencies that this handy little pack can't help her get out of.

    • Daring Destinations

  3. 3 Geeky Gal

    • Geek Gear

      • Working, surfing, gaming, reading email. She seems to be permanently linked to her computer, and trips to the fridge cut into her precious online life. The answer to keeping her drink at the right temp is this USB Drink Chiller and Warmer that keeps her tea hot or cold, whichever way she likes it at the moment. And since she’s always on the computer, having a USB plug for power just makes sense.

      • She can quote Yoda and diagnose a blue screen crash with the best of them, so high tech gadgets are right up her alley. She’ll even impress the guys when she fires up this Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard to wirelessly type away on her smartphone or tablet, proving once again that virtual reality has to catch up with her!

      • A set of 2-Way Watch Radios isn't just cool in a James Bond way, it's nigh-indispensable for moms on the go. It has a 1.5-mile range so that she can keep track of the kids at the county fair or the husband during Black Friday tag teams. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 18 hours of life and an included hands-free headset invest everyday activities with futuristic panache.

    • Smart Sundries

      • Sometimes you have to make a decision whether to give snazz or pizazz, but not today. A pair of warm and fashionable Bluetooth Gloves syncs with any smartphone so that wearers can answer simply by using the universal “call me” gesture. A speaker is embedded into the thumb and a microphone is embedded into the pinky, while “Answer” and “End” buttons are conveniently placed on the back of the wrist. A lithium-ion battery can be recharged via USB for 20 hours of talk time or 10 days of standby. For lookers-on, confusion will give way to amazement every time she answers a call.

        Of course, a smartphone in and of itself does not a geek make. You'll often find the species hunkered down in front of a glowing screen while madly pressing buttons. You might not be up to speed on what your gamer girl is into, but no one turns down the classics.

      • An Atari Flashback 4 Classic Game Console will rekindle the 4-bit love in older gamers and introduce some founding history to younger ones. Don't worry, the “4” doesn't mean four games; over 75 classics from the massive Atari library are included inside the machine with no need for dusty cartridges. Two controllers, each consisting of a stick and a single button, are included and highlight how easy the games are to pick up without indicating how hard they are to put down. The rig can be hooked up to any television, but you might want to throw in an old console set from a yard sale to complete the retro experience.

      • Maybe she's into old tech but her interests lie more towards The Rolling Stones than Asteroids. A Red Spinnerette Portable Turntable and Converter is as useful as it is cool. Not only will it play records over an included speaker or connected audio devices, but it will preserve them in a digital format long after the records degrade using included, easy-to-use software.

    • Geek Chic

      • Simple, stylish, and straightforward, the Dislike Symbol Facebook Shirt lets her take her trolling out onto the street in a manner even the most casual of computer users will understand.

      • If you would rather aim for the whimsical than the snarky, conjure up her childhood heroes with branded adornments such as the Cookie Monster Knitwit Hat or Gloves; sized for adults, this delightful set is made of New Zealand wool with a fleece liner and reminds the wearer of how to keep childhood close by remembering to gorge ourselves in the simple pleasures.

      • It's a scientific fact - women get cold. Help her get through those long nights in front of the computer with a USB Heated Shawl & Lap Blanket. This hyper-cool warmer draws on the power of the cloud to gently heat Redditors, DeviantArtists, and even the last remaining MySpace user. A handy snap on the corner secures it around the shoulder or legs - just remind her to unsnap it before getting up for a bathroom break.

  4. 4 Queen of the Castle

    • August Appliances

      • She may strut around her palace like the cock of the walk. Enhance her pride with tony appliances like a gorgeous Peacock Figurine Fan. Compact and portable, it can add cool to any corner of any room with its 30 watt fan. The cast metal frame is more durable than feathers, but just as beautiful.

      • Of course, if she wants to warm up while still looking cool, the Black Retro Style Espresso Maker wakes up all the senses with sharp functionality. It can handle the simple utility of prefilled espresso pods or the sophisticated joys of fine ground coffee. A stainless steel frothing wand folds air into heated milk with Italian precision.

      • A good all-around gift for the home is the Mold and Germ Destroying Air Purifier. An ingenious natural convection chamber destroys 99.9% of airborne baddies, such as allergens, viruses, and mold. Not only does this improve overall health, but the ambient smell of the home is improved as well.

    • Commanding Chattel

      • A well appointed room is the mainstay of regally regarded dwellings. True taste resides in paying attention to the little things, and providing effects such as the Colfax Vintage Flower Vase is one way to appeal to her sense of detail. In particular, this vase adds a rustic charm to any corner with a crackled glaze and primitive handles.

      • She can keep her refuse and recyclables out of sight with a 3-Bin Cabinet. The honeyed pine stain and white tile top slots easily into almost any decor scheme. Inside are three separate plastic containers that tilt out to sequester any unsightly items before nestling back into the cabinet. Garbage bags and twist ties can be stowed in the two additional drawers at the top.

      • Conversely, she can store things in a way that will have everyone talking with a Mini Wine Stave Display. Real wine barrels are pulled apart to create shelves with an appealing curvature. Its two tiers hold six bottles and a flat top can hold curios, wine glasses, or even nothing at all - richly stained pine and oak make this display attractive enough to hold its own even when unadorned.

    • Imperial Pampering

      • For homebodies, comfort is the name of the game. The Cozy Wrap Blanket is tantamount to staying in bed all day. Unlike the cheap stuff shilled on infomercials, this article is the real deal; it possesses a zipper to enclose the wearer, a fleece lining, and is hypoallergenic and reversible.

      • Her throne just got moved to the bedroom because this Pintucked Comforter and Bedding Set is too luxurious to hide from the world. The matching bedskirt and shams pull the look together and enrobe her in the royal luxury she deserves.

      • If you want to complete the luxury resort atmosphere, you can't go wrong with gift baskets. The Wine and Spa Gift Set includes various luxurious bath items and a comfy cotton headwrap. This bundle goes the extra mile by including a bottle of premium wine for sipping in the bath or as she waits for her polish to dry.

Hand-Crafted Gift Guides for:

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