10 Inexpensive but Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Caught with empty pockets on Mother's Day? Don't let the ravages of a fickle economy get you down. We've gathered a smattering of meaningful gifts that won't require more investment than an hour of scavenging couch cushions for loose change. After all, the value of a gift is in the thought you put into it and how well it reflects your feelings, not in how much green you had to slap down to buy it.

  1. 1Hand in Hand Family Frame

    Decorative photo frames can make an appropriate gift, but don't bore mom with another ho-hum square of painted floral accents or poetic calligraphy. Give her a gift festooned in whimsy! Each zinc alloy frame sports the smiling mug of a family member and you can have his or her name engraved upon the figure's belt for a small additional fee. (Red Envelope thoughtfully offers a budget-conscious alternative, however, by including an erasable black marker for personalization.) The magnetic hands can be joined together or separated to size the chain to suit your household.
  2. 2Birthstone Baby Shoe Charms

    Jewelry is a classic standby for all-occasions gifting, but the financially challenged might prematurely strike baubles from consideration. How can you select something that is both appealing and meaningful while remaining inexpensive? Fret not: these charms are equal parts opulent and sentimental, yet cost less than even the cheapest of actual infant footwear. An Austrian crystal replica of a child's birthstone bedecks the toe of a tiny golden baby shoe that can be attached to a necklace, a bracelet, or a keychain.
  3. 3All Purpose Mary Jane Shoe Socks

    Why mess with a classic? Because simple house slippers just don't cut it anymore. Kick an old gift idea up a notch by giving Mom the loungewear that can go everywhere. These strecthy, breathable toe toppers comfortably conform to the shape of a foot while the grippy undersides take the “slip” out of slippers. She can wear them as she loafs about the house or as she sweats her way through a hot yoga class. Choose from a quirky lime green or a bright, fire-engine red.
  4. 4Gourmet Coffee 6-Pack Gift Box

    No one would argue that delicacies make a great present; not only are they tasty, but consuming them makes way for new gifts rather than filling precious closet and drawer space with each passing year. You don't, however, want to appear as though you simply stopped at the grocery store on the way home. What to do? A gift box of assorted coffees is just the answer you're looking for. An array of gourmet-flavored grounds are individually wrapped to each make an 8-10 cup pot of aromatic brew. French Vanilla, Cinnamon Nut Swirl, Chocolate Raspberry, Hazelnut, French Roast, and Colombian Supremo will make Mom's next six mornings a delight.
  5. 5Murano Golden Brown Art Deco Glass Compact Mirror

    The hallowed tradition of the family heirloom seems to be fading in the era of gigabit speeds and relatively inexpensive high-definition flat screen televisions. Charm your mother by giving her an item suffused with a classic style that makes it seem as though it has already been passed down, and with a beauty that renders it worthy to pass on. A swirling brown murano-style glass lid glitters with veins of simmering golden flecks. The silver heart-shaped compact measures 2.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide and is delivered in a satin-lined silver gift box that is almost as stunning as the accessory inside. She'll never believe how little you spent...so don't tell her.
  6. 6Personalized Wooden Rose Bouquet

    Flowers are gorgeous tokens for showing you care...until they die. Mom deserves a lasting expression of appreciation. A wooden rose possesses the beauty of the blossom without the accompanying expiration date. Each bouquet includes the 18” central bloom and two smaller bud accents with baby's breath. You can personalize the gift by choosing the petal color and an inscription that can include words, an image, or both. The stems are bound by a decorative ribbon to complete the florist-quality appearance.
  7. 7Playful Chrome Plated Ring Holder

    What do you get for the mom that has everything? A place to put it! If your matron is awash in trinkets, consider giving her a ring holder that is just a little off-kilter. The chrome-plated umbrella or jack adds a hint of mischief to a dresser or bathroom sink while safely keeping jewelry out of drains and away from the dark recesses of furniture undersides. The Umbrella is 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5” and hides a flat, felt-lined base that keeps it from careening around a tabletop. The Jack measures 3” x 3” x 3”. Both weigh between 2-3 ounces each.
  8. 8Family Tree Magnetic Frames

    A set of Family Tree Magnetic Frames offers an intriguing twist on a classic gift. Up to 15 family photos can be interconnected, diagrammed, and organized to help everyone distinguish crazy uncles from second cousins twice removed. A dry erase marker is included for labeling or witty commentary beneath and around each grinning profile. The set is adorably appointed with connectors that look like branches, as well as leaf and birdhouse accents - but you'll have to provide the nuts inside the frames yourself.
  9. 9Toss a Chore Dice

    You might not have a lot of money to throw around, but when Mom tosses these dice you can make a gift of your time and effort. Each side of the two dice denotes one of 11 household chores or a “Choose a Chore” option. The dice are made from an attention-grabbing bright green plastic with white lettering and the edges are blunted for safety among pets and small children. Remember, no groaning is allowed; actually doing the chore is part of the gift!
  10. 10Himalayan Crystal Salt Massage Stones

    Mom deserves the best, and Himalayan salt is noted to be the best in the world due to its balance of mineral inclusions and unique crystalline structure. This striking set of salt stones mined from the Salt Range in India and Pakistan can be heated or chilled to add an extra dimension to relaxation. Simply microwave the stones for one minute or freeze them for twenty minutes to produce the degree of soothing relief the evening calls for, then dab a touch of massage oil upon them before setting them or rubbing them on tense muscles. A luxe organza gift bag stores the pair between uses.

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Nov | Dec 2017
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