Husband's Guide To Mother's Day

She's your woman, your partner, the love of your life, and mother of your kids. But let's face it: things can get stale. That breathless beauty you chose to build a future with now has dishpan hands and a schedule that would put the president to shame. You know only too well that routine kills passion, but aren't sure how to shake things up. Well, you're in luck because Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to step up and make your special lady feel like the queen she is!

  • Three Keys to Inspire Her Fire

    1. Be spontaneous! Nothing can liven up a relationship more than the element of surprise. How to pull it off? You can’t tell her about it; you can’t even drop any hints. Simply show up at at home one day, take her by the arm and say, “OK, let’s go.” (It might be a good idea to make sure you have a sitter in place.) Taking the time to to create a great date and woo your lady will pay dividends for months to come!
    2. Show her a different side of you. We're not talking Jekyll and Hyde. No, just step up your game. Are you usually a sweatsuit slob? Dress up in Armani for a day or two. A die-hard channel surfer? Start doing tennis together. You can even introduce yourselves all over again, attempting new topics of conversation, and in general, proceeding as if you’re seeing each other for the very first time. Talk about lighting a spark!
    3. She’s been doing so much for you, it's now time to return the favor and do something specifically for her. Whatever you do, just know that Mother's Day is no time for practicality. The best gifts involve thoughtfulness with a twist of luxury and romance.

    You can easily utilize these tips to really wow your wife! Read on for a handy-dandy guide for making this Mother's Day unforgettable, and bring out the best in the woman you love.

  • The Day’s Play-by-Play

    1. Morning – Start the day off right by treating her to a Breakfast and Bubbles Sparkling Wine Gift Basket. This classy spread will allow you to create a four-start breakfast in bed with gourmet ingredients! Top it off with a toast to the woman you love. After all, nothing says “good morning” like a crisp Bellini and fresh pancakes! This set also includes a spatula and classic mixing bowl she'll use again and again.
    2. Afternoon – Now that she’s relaxed with a full belly, it's time for awesome adventure... on a Hot Air Balloon Ride! Together enjoy spectacular views that can only be had from the basket of a hot air balloon. This majestic ride will create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime, and is available in over 40 cities nationwide.
    3. By now, she’ll be famished. Treat your lady love to a Gourmet Dinner Cruise! Dinner on a boat provides an exciting alternative to another visit to a restaurant. Start with a cocktail on the deck, then take in views of the world's greatest cities while enjoying first-class cuisine, music, live entertainment and dancing. By evening's end, she'll be eating out of your hand!
    Night Make her say “I do” all over again with this beautiful necklace commemorating the family and life you've built together. Our Stacked Family Names Mixed Metal Necklace features a pendant with a striking contrast of copper and sterling silver stacked circles ranging in size from 1/2" to 1.25". Personalized with the names or words of your choice, you can make this as unique as she is.

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