2018 Calendar of Additional Giftworthy Holidays
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6th - Cuddle Up Day
12th - Pharmacist Day
19th - Popcorn Day
29th - Puzzle Day
11th - Make a Friend Day
17th - Randon Acts of Kindness Day
20th - Love Your Pet Day
27th - No Brainer Day
2nd - Employee Appreciation Day
6th - Dentist's Day
11th - Worship of Tools Day
19th - Absolutely Incredible Kids Day
22nd - Goof Off Day
30th - Doctor's Day
2nd - Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
7th - No Housework Day
10th - Golfers Day
23rd - National Picnic Day
30th - Honesty Day
9th - Receptionist Day
12th - International Nurse's Day
15th - Chocolate Chip Day
16th - Love a Tree Day
25th - Geek Pride Day
4th - Hug Your Cat Day
18th - Go Fishing Day
26th - Beauticians Day
2nd - I Forgot Day
15th - Ice Cream Day
20th - Moon Day
24th - Cousins Day
30th - Father-in-Law Day
7th - National Lighthouse Day
13th - Left Handers Day
15th - Relaxation Day
17th - Chinese Valentine's Day
27th - Just Because Day
6th - Fight Procrastination Day
9th - Teddy Bear Day
16th - Wife Appreciation Day
19th - International Talk Like a Pirate Day
22nd - Elephant Appreciation Day
3rd - Techies Day
28th - Mother-in-Law Day
3rd - Housewife's Day
19th - Play Monopoly Day
20th - Beautiful Day
12th - Poinsettia Day
18th - Baked Cookies Day
23rd - Festivus
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