10 Gifts to Make Mom Laugh on Mother’s Day

Between the dirty diapers, overflowing laundry baskets, and scraped knees, it's obvious that being a parent is anything but formal. There's no reason, then, to make Mother's Day a stuffy affair. Touch her heart and her funny bone with these useful gifts that sport a humorous twist or two.

  1. 1Measuring Wine Glass

    Let's be honest - making breakfast in bed for Mom one day of the year doesn't erase the fact that she has kitchen duty for 365 dinners (give or take a pizza). But you can lift her spirits while she cooks with this quirky Measuring Wine Glass. The rim is inscribed with Julia Child's famous bon mot: "I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food." The popular wisdom of chefs is that you should always cook with wine you would drink, and the clever characteristic of this wine glass is that Mom can use it for both culinary and recreational purposes. One side is demarcated with 1/4 cup increments to accurately measure wine for deglazing, simmering, or infusing. The opposite side denotes measurements in sips for relaxing, decompressing, and celebrating.
  2. 2Box of Laughter

    Laughter is infectious, so spread it around by giving Mom the Box of Laughter. Incubating inside the unassuming 4 1/2" square box is a highly contagious agent that will result in uncontrollable spasms of giggles. The cherry finish and clean lines make the box a stylish tchotchke for any shelf, but once the magnetic lock is popped open a flood of laughter comes pouring out to create an epidemic of smiles. Good thing laughter is also the best medicine. The box comes with two AAA batteries installed and can be laser-etched with any custom message you choose.
  3. 3If You Met My Family..." T-Shirt

    Sometimes we have to leave it to our clothing to communicate what we cannot. When Mom is too busy to have a conversation while running back and forth between soccer practices, music lessons, work, homework, and dinner plans, this shirt makes all the apologies for her - if she's not moving too fast for people to read it. The phrase "If you met my family, you'd understand!" is emblazoned in white against a navy blue backdrop for maximum visibility to schoolteachers, crossing guards, and grocery cashiers as they watch her whirl by. And, like all good t-shirts, it is made from 100% cotton.
  4. 4Grizzly Bear Slippers

    Unlike bears, we only get to hibernate for 8 hours a night. But Mom can share other ursine boons when she wears a pair of Grizzly Bear Slippers. Rolling out of bed in winter isn't such a burden to bear (hehe) when she can slip her toes into deep, warm fur. Worry not - no bears were harmed in the making of these fuzzy feet mounts. The fur is made from a synthetic-yet-soft poly blend and the "claws" are constructed from leather and stuffing so they won't leave scratch marks on the floor. A non-slip sole keeps groggy morning staggers safe and sound.
  5. 5Wonder Woman Apron

    Mom may be a hero to your family, but it never hurts to create brand association. Wrap her in over 70 years of feminine empowerment with the Wonder Woman Apron. The instantly recognizable torso of DC comics' most beloved female character adorns the chest and waist of this enchanting piece of culinary armor. Have no fear of gritty reboots or retcons - the art is strictly old-school with cartoony lines and the spangled garb popularized in the Golden Age. The 100% polyester apron is machine washable for years of action - just watch out for fanboys.
  6. 6"But I Wanted a Pony!" Book

    We all know that motherhood is a noble role, but the nobility lies in its not always being easy. Whenever Mom needs a pressure valve, she can fire off some knowing chuckles upon cracking open the "But I Wanted a Pony!" Book. The pure vintage-art class belies the incisive satire of the captions that take seeming idyllic moments and recontextualize them with the truths all moms know in their hearts but love us too much to utter aloud. The hardcover tome is pretty enough to leave just in arm's reach on a coffee table or bookshelf whenever Mom is in dire need of a wicked grin.
  7. 7CFO Coin Purse

    She who holds the apron strings often controls the purse strings as well. Let anyone who has a hand out know Mom's responsibilities with the cute little coin purse that designates her as Chief Financial Officer. That doesn't mean life is all strict budgeting and tax returns, however; bubbly clouds and bright rainbows bedeck her pot of gold with a 1970s television flair. The purse measure 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches wide and is constructed from 95% recycled components.
  8. 8Eat Up Ice Cream Mug

    Years of medical studies have yielded an alarming statistic: a startling percentage of Moms suffer from a deficiency of ice cream. You can let the healing begin by reminding her every day to get her calcium with the Eat Up Ice Cream Mug. This colorful medical aid holds exactly a pint of ice cream, the medically-recommended dose for mothers requiring a supplement. The wide handle provides an easy grip for the shaky hands of the ice-cream-impaired and the mug is dishwasher safe.
  9. 9Mom's Dish Come True

    This ceramic, 11" plate features a charming picture of a dandelion spreading its seeds to the wind. It's well known that puffing a dandelion grants a wish but that telling the wish out loud cancels it out. However, the rules say nothing about inscribing that wish onto a plate to make it known. A custom message such as "Take your plate to the sink" or "Stop feeding the vegetables to the dog" greets diners as they earn their way into the Clean Plate Club. Just remember to grant the wish when you're done eating!
  10. 10Not the Boss of Me Clock

    If time is a gift, why does the clock keep stealing it back? Let Mom know there's no pressure by offering up the timepiece that announces, "This clock is not the boss of me!" This chronological referee is festooned with bright pastels and comic script that keep a light tone as the hours continue their grim march forward unto eternity. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this clock is the feature it doesn't come with - an alarm.

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