Baptism Gift Ideas

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Baptism Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

They haven't known him for very long, but he's no stranger. From the moment they first met him, he won their hearts. It's his cute little smile, it.s his adorable eyes, it's everything about him. Discover a sweet gift idea for his baptism. It's the moment that he becomes part of a larger community and starts his relationship with God. This present will be one that his parents cherish, whether it's a beautiful book, a decoration for his room, or a deeply Christian present.

Baptism Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

Is there a more adorable girl on Earth? God has blessed their family with a charming little one, and now it's her day of baptism. Give the baby a present that marks this incredible moment. It could be a keepsake that her family will treasure for years. It could be a cross that will be put next to her crib. There are fantastic Christian gift ideas that will let her parents know that, even though she's new to their lives, she already has so many family and friends that love her.

Godparent Theme

Godparent Theme

They're an adorable child, and they have two very special godparents. It's an important role, a responsibility and a blessing. Find a great gift idea for a godparent on the day of the little one's baptism. There are gifts that say 'thank you', there are presents that reflect the spirituality of the occasion, and there's so much more. Discover a picture frame so they can keep a photo of their godchild in their home. Find a coffee mug that will make them remember their commitment at the beginning of every day. It's all here.

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