Common Mistakes People Make on Mother’s Day

She brought you into this world. Changed your diapers. Wiped your runny nose, dried your tears and applauded like crazy at everything from your first steps to your college graduation. Or maybe she's the mother of your children, that incredible beauty you chose to make a future with. And now there's this day, 24 whole hours, to show your appreciation for this wonderful lady in your life. A word to to the wise: Don't blow it!

Below are five common blunders loved ones make when celebrating this special gal. Read on to discover how to keep from turning a Mother's Day fiesta into a fiasco!

  • Not Planning

    We get it. You're busy. There are bills to pay, oil to change, groceries to buy and car pools to manage. But this is not the time to procrastinate! Lack of planning results not only in a less-than-thoughtful gift, but a message that communicates “you really aren't worth the effort.” Definitely not the message you're trying to get across to the mom in your life.

    Procrastination is also more expensive. Last-minute flowers? It's gonna cost you! (And Mom will probably end up with the less-than-fresh leftovers.) Snap decision to take her to her favorite restaurant? Yeah, you and a hundred of your closest friends. Good luck getting in without a reservation! Realize that Mother's Day is one of the biggest days of the year for restaurants, retailers and florists, and plan accordingly.

  • Getting Too Elaborate or Too Simple

    Unless you're planning a mother's day extravaganza months in advance, it's probably best to keep it simple. But not too simple! While you probably want to avoid throwing a black-tie gala affair, you do want to make sure she feels extra-special. One thing is for sure: you can't go wrong with chocolate or flowers. And you can't get much better than our Three-Part Harmony Gift Set which includes chocolate, fruit and flowers. Gorgeous long-stemmed roses to be exact. This is one single gift that strikes a happy (and delicious!) medium.

  • Gifting for You Instead of Her

    Human nature being what it is, it's very easy to assume that just because you love fill-in-the-blank, mom or wife will too. Not so! Avoid disappointment by keeping a mental list of gifts mom wants. Does she ooh and aah over scented lotions? Then indulge the lady already! Pick up on the clues and get into her head.

  • Underestimating the Power of Quality Time

    Few things are more powerful than making memories together. Especially family memories! Take this gift-giving opportunity to encourage together time with our beautiful Woven Tote Picnic Basket for 4. Take mom to the beach or mountains or even a local park and treat her to a beautiful spread in the great outdoors! This charming woven tote will let you pack everything but the kitchen sink, and includes all you need for a picnic of four. Includes carafe, bamboo plates, cheese board, adorable mason jar sippers, tablecloth and more.

  • Getting Too Practical

    Men are especially notorious for this. Mother's Day is not the time to get practical, unless she has specifically said, “I want a Hoover vacuum, wouldn’t that be awesome?” The exception is giving her a feel-good gift like our Backnobber II Massage Tool. Offering deep muscle massage, this wonderful tool can keep her relaxed and free from pain. Great for moms suffering stress-based muscle pain as well as chronic conditions like arthritis and bursitis, it can be taken apart for convenient storage or travel.

  • Underestimating the Power of Personalization

    For both new and experienced moms, few things move them more than a unique gift created with them in mind. Thoughtfulness is king. It may be free babysitting coupons, or a framed print of their children's hand and footprints. If you really want to kick it up a notch, check out our Mother and Daughter Personal Letters Book. An amazing and heartfelt creation that includes 40 nostalgic notecards to send back and forth between a mother and daughter, it includes personal prompts that will share facets of their personalities that family otherwise wouldn't see. Once finished, the notecards can be placed in secret compartment inside the book. This beautiful book will be a keepsake for life!

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