40th Birthday - Birthday Gift Ideas

They've just reached the peak and are now headed over the hill, celebrate the occasion with a unique 40th birthday gift. Traditionally commemorated with comical gag gifts, the 40th birthday is a chance to poke fun at the birthday guy or gal with gifts highlighting their 'advanced' age. Shop FindGift for a large selection of unique gift ideas including time capsules, retro candy boxes and historic newspapers. Browse clever apparel, over-the-hill themed items, books, gift baskets and wine glasses. Personalize an item to create an extra humorous gift.
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  • Birthday Gift Ideas

    Birthday Gift Ideas

    Say Happy Birthday in Colorful, Fun Ways with These Gifts.

  • Celebrate their Birthday

    Celebrate their Birthday

    Wine Gift Sets to Celebrate their Birthday.

  • Birthday Celebrations

    Birthday Celebrations

    Chocolate, lots of Chocolates! Who Doesn't Love Chocolates?

  • Beer of the Month Club

    Beer of the Month Club

    International & US Craft Beer Clubs for Beer Lovers.

gifts per page 1 - 24 of 64 gift ideas
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