Gift Registry Installation Options for e-Retailers
Turn browsers into buyers: make it easy for shoppers to add your gifts to their Gift Registry or Wish List while shopping on your website
Option 1: Quick Install
Copy the HTML code below and paste it into your product pages, or the template for your product pages.
You can substitute a graphic of your liking for the Add to Registry text.
  • Code can usually be added to your website template in a matter of minutes.
  • Our software will auto-fetch product names and product pictures by reading the HTML on your product pages.  The accuracy of Registry form auto-population will depend on your product page's title tag and the product image's file-type and pixel dimensions.
  • No registry usage reports are provided by our system.  Traffic statistics, if desired, would need to be captured by your website's analytics software.
Option 2: Full Install
1.) Create a merchant account.  Creating a merchant account is free.
2.) You will then be taken to a payment options screen.  Ignore this screen (this is for retailers who want to add their products to as gift ideas).  Click on Gift Registry in the yellow bar.
3.) Click on the link for the full install instructions.
4.) Follow the instructions on that page for adding the HTML code to your website.
  • Code will need to be populated with product data when installed on your site.  Many retailers can embed this onto their product page template and populate the product data via their template page variables.
  • Since registry code is directly populated with the desired product data, Registry form auto-population accurately fetches the product data.
  • We provide registry usage reports to show itemized product addition counts and traffic generated. and its logo are trademarks of © 1997-2024 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands