Gifts from CANDY CRATE
2 Gold Mine Gum Bags
2 Jumbo Chocolate Santa Pops
2 Large Double Crisp Santa Chocolate Bars
2 Large Double Crisp Snowman Chocolate Bars
2 Packs Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins
2 Pounds of 1-Inch Large Silver Gumballs
2 Pounds of Hard Flasher Candies in Blue and Silver
2 Pounds of Sixlets Gold Candies
2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Packs
2.2 Pounds of Sour Powder Filled Tennis Gumballs
20 Hot Lix Cinnamon Toothpicks
20 Lifesavers Pep-O-Mint Candy Rolls
200 Miniature Tootsie Pops
24 Assorted Laffy Taffy Candies
24 Boxes of Chocolate Covered Ants
24 Boxes of Guava and Mango Chile Nerds
24 Boxes of Lime and Pineapple Nerds
24 Boxes of Sweetarts Soft and Chewy Rope Candies
24 Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumball Tubes
24 Giant Jawbreaker Paintball Pops
24 Hershey's Candy Cane Chocolate Bars
24 Kit Kat White Chocolate Candy Bars
24 Lavender and White Whirly Lollipops
24 Light Pink and White Whirly Pops
24 Lucy's Famous Chocolate Bars
24 Mini Spiral Pops in Bue and White
24 Mini Unicorn Candy Corn Pops
24 Mini Unicorn Peppermint Pops
24 Neapolitan Coconut Slices
24 Nerds Rope Christmas Candy
24 Packs of Magic Color Bubble Gum Crayon Packs
24 Pink & White Mini Spiral Pops
24 Reeds Root Beer Hard Candy Rolls
24 Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup Candies
24 Regal Crown Sour Cherry Hard Candy Rolls
24 Rocky Road Dark Chocolate Bars
24 Sour Patch Kid Candies
24 Spooky Halloween Nerds Rope Candies
24 Turquoise and White Whirly Pops
24 Unicorn Lollipops
24 Warheads Super Sour Spray Candies
25 Assorted 3D Rose Fancy Pop Candies
25 Baby Feet Fancy Pops in 6 Assorted Flavors
25 Butterfly Fancy Pops
25 Easter Fancy Pops on 1 Foot Sticks
25 Teddy Bear Fancy Pops in 6 Assorted Flavors
25 Tulip Flower Fancy Pops in Assorted 6 Flavors
250 Easter Egg Filler Candies
3 Pounds Milk Chocolate Christmas Ball Candies
3 Pounds of Candy in Valentine's Gift Box
3 Pounds of Chocolate Gold Half Dollar Coins
3 Pounds of Coffee Rio Assorted Gourmet Candies
3 Pounds of Peanut Butter Skeleton Bone Candies
3 Pounds of Salt Water Taffy Candies
3 Pounds of St. Patty's Day Salt Water Taffy Mix
3 Pounds of Tropical Mix Salt Water Taffy Candies
3 Pounds of Yellow Buttered Popcorn Salt Water Taffy Candies
3.5 Ounces of Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bean Candies
30 Count Winter Holiday Mix Twinkle Pops
30 Yum Yum Marshmallow Cones
300 Pieces of Assorted Dubble Bubble Gum
36 Boxes of Strawberry Grape Nerds
36 Cherry Mash Candy Bars
36 Grape Airhead Candies
36 King Original Peppermint Rolls
36 Nestle Crunch Milk Chocolate Bars
36 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
36 Watermelon Airhead Candies
360 Blue Raspberry Tootsie Frootie Candies
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