Videos – Top 5 Saddest (or Funniest) Reactions to Christmas Gifts

A couple of years ago, Jimmy Kimmel did an amazing bit where he challenged parents to wrap a purposefully terrible gift for their kids, and submit videos of their reactions. The end result was a hilarious and/or sad explosion of reaction videos on YouTube, and the rest is history!

We’ve compiled most of those video submissions here for your viewing pleasure! Thinking back to the days of childhood, it’s tough to imagine that our expectations wouldn’t be equally crushed when we realized we didn’t get the gift of our dreams. But it doesn’t make it any less funny!

  1. 1Kids Get a 3DS and a Mr. Potato Head

  2. 2Son gets a Beautiful Hello Kitty Doll

  3. 3Man, Kids Are Great

  4. 4The First Compilation that Started It All

  5. 5The Follow-Up Compilation to Finish It Off!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For:

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