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Pencil sketch of co-founders, Bob & Carolyn, compliments of My Davinci

Originally, was started as Registry Online in August of 1997 by wife and husband co-founders Carolyn and Bob Zakrzewski (pronounced zak-chef-ski). The couple had an idea of creating an all purpose Internet gift registry that could be used for any gift giving occasion. The Registry Online website was created to make it easy for people to create a registry for any occasion where they could type in the gifts they wanted from any store.

In addition to its main gift registry focus, also provided a few simple lists of gift ideas to help people who wanted to buy a gift that wasn't on someone's registry. These few simple lists of gift ideas soon became's most popular offering. The founders quickly realized that most people have many gifts to buy, but few ideas on what to give.

In September of 1998, the web service was relaunched as The newly built site featured a "Gift Ideas Generator" (admittedly, the founders were not very creative when it came to choosing names). It also included an email reminder service as well as the original gift registry.

Since then, the mission has been the same, while their website and gift finding services have gone through many changes. Most recently, v12.5.219 of the website was released in November, 2010.

Grown from the few simple lists of gift ideas, now offers over 82,000 hand-reviewed gift ideas from over 1,100 online stores and their gift finding service provides a uniquely interactive and customizable shopping experience. is owned and operated by Registry Online, Inc. which is privately owned and is located in Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

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