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"I just began using your online registry and it is fabulous - I felt really uncomfortable about registering at some of the big stores and wanted my friends to have the chance to shop wherever they wanted to...your site offered me the opportunity!"
- Kobie, Massachusetts
"Thank god for this website! Coolest thing ever!"
- Amy, Virginia
"I love the new look. and the addition of pictures."
- Shannon, California
"This is a really good site for preparing for b-days and stuff"
- Gracie, Virginia
Creating a gift registry has never been easier!'s free online gift registry service allows you to register any gift from any store for any occasion!

Many stores, one gift registry

Our gift registry allows you to include gifts from many separate stores into one single gift registry. Gifts from any store can be added to your gift registry. You can even "type-in" gifts from your local store that does not have a website.

Freedom of Choice

People who buy items from your gift registry are not forced to purchase from certain stores. People can purchase gifts from any store they choose and still be able to check the items off of your registry.

Registries aren't just for weddings and baby showers anymore!

While still a popular choice for the traditional occasions, many people now-a-days also use it for birthdays, college, housewarming and even for their pets!

Customize to your tastes

Create your own registry categories to fit the occasion and your tastes. You can customize colors and include personal comments to specify clothing sizes and styles to help minimize returns. You can even upload a picture if you like! See our sample registries for examples of how the gift registry can be customized to your needs:

The convenience of being online

Set up your registry while in your PJs. Your family and friends can also review and shop your registry in their PJs. If only all things in life were this simple!

Announcing your registry is easy

Within your registry management area you can easily send email announcements or you can print our pre-formatted paper invitation inserts on your computer's printer. You can also give out your very own FindGift registry url!

A service you can trust

We've been providing our free online gift registry service since 1997. Your personal information is kept private and will not be sold.

Create your free gift registry!

Our gift registry is a free service to members. To get started, simply sign up for a free member account. Then, use the "Add to Registry" links to add gifts found on the website. Or, use our Browser Toolbar below to add gifts from any online retailer.

Add any gift from any website to your registry with our toolbar button!
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Step 2: Then just click on it from the website you see a gift you like. It's that easy!
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